Thursday, September 29, 2011

9/29 - Wheel steers me in the right direction

Wheel found some “wheely” good stuff this morning:  coffee!!!!, granola bars for Lil' Gal, and moleskin padding for that poor ankle that rubs against the seam in my skate.
We met wheelie friends for Wheel at lunch break, but all those circles started to make me dizzy!!
My sad BART vs. derby practice story continues.  Today, just as I was leaving, a power outage in West Oakland caused major delays and caused me to miss the last practice before skill assessments this weekend.  I'm doomed.  (Also, there was a small earthquake in Oakland around that time, but I guess we can't blame BART for that.)


  1. You can totally blame BART for that. I blame CTA for things completely SEEMINGLY unrelated to public transit.

  2. Excellent. I will start blaming BART for all kinds of things. Maybe I'll start with eye wrinkles -- surely I'm not old enough for them yet... Darn you, BART, and your eye wrinkle-causing ways!