Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7/30 - Army Guy 2 is in the moment

Or, I should say, he is pointing to the moment.  How can you be in the moment if it drives away before you can board?
Or, as David noted:  "I guess the moment passed him by…"  I hate it when that happens.

7/29 - Army Guy 2 calls for help

Army Guy 2 and I had six (6) meetings yesterday.   Army Guy 2 tried to order the phone headset back to base, but it wouldn’t go.  Harumph.

Friday, July 26, 2013

7/26 - Trayger sees some sights

What a funny ad for a vet office!
Can you find Trayger?  He’s trying to be camouflaged.

7/25 - Army Guy loses appeal

Army Guy was inspired by this sign to dream big.  So he did.
Unfortunately, he was so busy dreaming big dreams, he did not notice the big banana peel in his path… Whoa!!

7/24 - Army Guy is a world traveler

See how he can just hop from world to world?  That is a handy trick!

7/23 - Good thing Army Guy isn't a vampire

We had a farewell lunch for Sonali, who is going back to India to have her first baby.  Looks like the restaurant uses quite a bit of garlic.  Vampires beware!

Best wishes, Sonali!!

7/22 - Army Guy finds it shocking

What kind of strange alien astronaut is this?
Yikes.  We backed away slowly from this construction vehicle…

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/21 - Weekend fun: Not all a bunch of bunk

This weekend we learned why Mommy is always saying not to jump on the bed...
We also talked her in to getting us bunk beds, which she assembled solo and only lost her mind about 5 times.
We were also in a happy mood and scrubbed a lot of the house!
And we had a lot of fun at Mikey's birthday party.

7/19 - Happy Sack and Snowie in the round

We found a fancy ice cream truck.  Snowie (formerly known as Frosty) liked that it had cold treats.  Happy Sack liked that the treats were bright and round.
We also agreed that these flowers were super duper pretty.

7/18 - Mary Katherine's wheels keep on turnin'

Wait a minute...  She thought they said PARTY on wheels...

7/17 - Mary Katherine takes a number

It’s a counting parade!
We went with Jeanine to pick up a cake for her boyfriend’s birthday in Chinatown.  The bakery had so many kinds of moon cakes, we couldn’t decide which one to try.  Next time…

7/16 - Mary Katherine thinks she is being followed

She was right!  A giant slice of free cake was totally following her.  How lucky is she?
Here is Mary Katherine in an aloe forest.
'Allo?  Anyone else here?

7/15 - Mary Katherine befriends the devil

It’s that time of year when everyone else has fruit from their trees to share…  (Darn those pesky squirrels!)
Sometimes, you just need to ask a monster why it’s cranky. Maybe a snack will make everything better.  Mary Katherine shared some chips with the devil and it made him smile.  Easy peasy.

Monday, July 22, 2013

7/12 - Despicable Guy gets the creeps

Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you?

Someone *is* watching!
Despicable Guy found some backup singers!  OK, Dinesh, Shekar, and Suren didn’t really sing.  (Although I’d pay $8 for that – they are very quiet guys!) They did like Despicable Guy’s laugh.

7/11 - Mousie is feeling very sleepy...

Didn’t anyone tell Mousie that poppies can make you very sleepy?  (So can long meetings!)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/10 - Mousie finds MMMMMore M

Today, Mousie mostly found monitors.  In the mailroom.

7/09 - Mousie's M Club

Mousie found Jeanine's pet monkey, and they hung out for a while...  Sillies.
We had dinner with David, and Mousie found some margaritas.  Mmmmm.
Then, Mousie thought he found a dance floor.  Mousie should not bust a move.  #justsaying

7/08 - Mousie smiles and says "Cheese!"

I went to the kitchen to fill my water bottle, and look what Mousie did while I was gone!  I think I know what he wants for lunch…

7/07 - Weekend fun: County Fair Edition

We hit the county fair on the last day, and were rewarded with cooler temperatures and light(er) crowds.  First, we had to hit the pig races!
Then, we spent quite a while at the petting zoo, where I once again confirmed that roller derby blocking skillz work really well vs. aggressive goats.
 Hello?  Can you hear me now?

 I may or may not have stalked this llama and made it pose with me.
 Pre-birthday funnel cake for me!  NOM!
 Not exactly a cowboy, but having lots of fun.
 All aboard!

I sure do love me a county fair!  Thanks to the kids and to Mama for taking me.  :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7/05 - Skellie needs a lift

Today was a day for drinking coffee and appreciating quiet.  Aside from the rattle of Skellie's bones, I got a bit of both accomplished.

7/04 - Happy 4th!

Aside from the loud fireworks around the neighborhood at all hours, the heatwave, and intermittently cranky children, we had a lovely 4th of July celebration.  How about you?

7/03 - Fergus attempts work/life balance

First, Fergus balanced a good luck block from Lil' Guy on his head.
Then, he decided my work pen was a good stick for playing fetch.
And then!  Sheldon (yellow shell) came out of his molting lair, looking every bit the zombie hermit crab after two weeks underground.  He drank a bunch of water, chirped to Linda, and back under he went.  Bye, Sheldon!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/02 - Fergus wants to play

Look!  He fetched me a stick to toss.
Since he was being such a good boy, I let him type up some meeting minutes. Thanks, Fergus!