Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/30 - Little Lego Dog wants a package

She couldn’t understand why there would be three FedEx trucks and yet no packages for a little doggie.
Little Lego Dog loves numbers.  She practiced her counting on the elevator.  One bark for 1, two barks for 2, three barks for 3…  (The other people in the elevator might have been angry, but she had such a tiny little bark, they barely heard her.)

7/29 - Weekend fun: Kite edition

This was a busy summer weekend.  We didn't have derby practice on Friday because a lot of people were at RollerCon.  #jealous  Saturday was Erika's birthday, so we joined her for a lovely party in the park.  How happy were we that the park had a pool?  (Answer:  Very.)
 Happy birthday, Erika!
 I love a blue California sky.
On Sunday, we went to the Berkeley Kite Festival with David and saw some amazing kites.

We also played on the kid bouncy structures.
David showed us how to fly our very own Lightning McQueen kite!  Whee!!

And then, we were very tired.  The end.

Friday, July 27, 2012

7/27 - Tiny Gorilla and the giant breakfast burrito

I thought I’d treat myself to a latte and a scone today, but on my way to the coffee shop, I saw a sign for chilaquiles and stopped in my tracks. Turns out the sign was for a chilaquiles breakfast burrito. Delicioso!! (I am still full!!)
We went looking for shoes today at lunchtime. Tiny Gorilla really liked these disco ball shoes, but I didn’t think I could run for BART in them.
We also found a nice tall monkey friend.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

7/26 - Rico appreciates municipal art

We wondered where the ATM stencils in this truck were going to be used, then we saw the fresh paint across the street. Turns out they were MTA (Municipal Transportation Agency) stencils.

Brooke tried to teach Rico to fly, but everybody knows penguins can’t fly. He still liked the lesson. Wheee!!

7/25 - Snoopy wants to eat the watermelon flowers

I don’t think these flowers are actually slices of watermelon, but Snoopy thought they looked refreshing. Olga the security guard was watching us, so Snoopy didn’t try biting one. Good dog.
We learned today that Snoopy does not like tomatoes. It has been a day full of meetings. I’ve been sitting at my desk all day. I was worried that Snoopy would be bored, but when I looked in my bag for something, I found Doggie with Frisbee in there! The two of them have been running around my desk playing tag. Good dogs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/24 - The Thing finds some new buddies

I am the pirate one. Which one are you?
Forgot to add this yesterday.  The Thing loves to smash ice cream cones.

7/23 - Red says, "Dude, where's my car?"

Somebody took my car from its spot right in front of the house last night! This very nice police officer is trying to find it.
These BART doors did not work, and had big yellow stickers on them saying that they were not going to open. I can’t tell you how many people stood there, staring at the stickers, waiting for the doors to open… Here is one of them. Red thinks he needs a seeing eye dog.
Elizabeth and Divya and I went for boba tea. Mine is green apple flavor with little tapioca gummy balls at the bottom. The straw is just big enough for me to sip them up along with the tea. Yum!
Hey! The very nice police officer DID find my car! Same day service!! It was a few blocks away from the house and would not turn off, but otherwise it was in good shape. Nothing was taken, and it still had a full tank of gas. (So much for the flaming Bonnie & Clydie blowout I hoped it was having.) Hopefully, the mechanic will have a nice cheap fix for it tomorrow.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

7/20 - Mack finds pirates and a snake lady

Mack wanted to race the trolley down California Street, but he was startled by its “Ding ding!” chatter.
Who knew we’d find such Goth stuff in the Financial District?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

7/19 - Annie finds flowers and Meena finds flow

In which Annie and Meena go for a swim... What do you mean, the Taj Mahal doesn’t have a swimming pool? Whoopsie!
Look what we saw during our lunchtime walk…

7/18 - Doggie with Frisbee skates the half pipe

Doggie with Frisbee thought my breakfast banana looked like part of a skate park, so he went for a ride. Wheee!! Woof!
At lunch, Doggie with Frisbee found an important site in banking history. This was the very first Bank HQ in California, started by a man from Italy. Mario and Luigi should be proud.

7/17 - Balloons are circles, too

The Balloons (from my birthday card) liked the circles they saw in the Olympic logo at the BART station this morning.
They also liked the BART car with new seat covers and a very plush new carpeting that matched them. Oooh!
David took me for a birthday celebration dinner, where there is apparently a birthday discount for a free beer!
And I found a doggie for Lil' Gal in the restroom. It was a good day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/16 - Raindrop Bird and the Cherry Plum Gang

It seems safety cones now come with fancy poles to help keep people out from under the window washers. Raindrop Bird thought it was a tightrope and started up a crazy circus act.
Someone brought in a big bowl of pretty cherry plums to work. Raindrop Bird is pretending they are all friends and trying to get them to march around my desk. I hope she won’t be sad when I eat them…

7/15 - Weekend fun: Picnic and bug edition

This weekend, my wonderful friends Wanda and Ashley packed a picnic and took me and the twins to the park for an extended birthday celebration.  We missed Linda, who is out with an awful ear infection.  :(
Wanda had clearly used the Undetectable Extension Charm, because her bag had any supply that anybody needed at any time.  Wanda is no one to be trifled with.  (I realize I've mixed my movies, here, but I'm OK with that.  If still you're with me, you get 30 points.)
 Trapping the new blowfish eraser in a web of bubbles.  I now dub thee Spitbug.
Note how Lil' Gal's hand is in Ashley's bag.  She is about to pickpocket that iPhone, take her own photo, then call her dog friends at the four corners of the earth. 
And! We met a Very Interesting Bug. at our house He was very nice and beetle-like, except he had pretty lacy wings and some feisty praying mantis front legs. Turns out he's a Mantidfly.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

7/13 - Dragonfly bugs out

Look at the cute little bug-eyed friends he found today. Awww.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/12 - Bowser's Head thinks this lady is wearing a shell

I couldn’t take my eyes off this lady’s wrap. It looked like some kind of bath mat. (Bowser said it was a soft shell. I really wanted to pet it!)
Bowser liked the Men at Work sign because it was the same colors as him.

7/11 - Funbo finds a sign of the times

This is usually a “Next Bus” computer sign that tells people when the next bus will arrive. I guess it is broken...
At lunch, Funbo went motorcycle counting. How many do you see? Which one is your favorite? Do you recognize any of the parking space numbers on the ground?
I had to sit out today's derby practice (and last night's scrimmage) due to an injury from Monday's practice. Still, I felt bad for the grrrls that had to skate in the 103-degree heat, so I brought orange slices. Here's Mandaryn Crush enjoying her mandarin.