Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28 - Pupster and the serious walrus twins

Pupster saw these funny walruses and wanted to play tug of war with their rope, but they were very serious and did not want to play.
The flower arrangement in the lobby had some fall leaves in it.  Such pretty colors!

9/23 - Weekend fun: Derby championship edition

We had a pretty lazy Saturday last weekend, recovering from a big week in first grade and a lot of meetings at work for Mommy.  Here, the Mario gang goes camping on the moon.  (Dunno -- that's what they told me we were doing.)
It was the West Regional Playoffs, and while the twins have come with me to many a practice, they had yet to see a real bout.  It was time to do something a-bout that.  (heh)
We always like hanging out with Bit O' Honey.

 "Can we go look at the girls?"  Who could say no to that??

David looked very dapper, sporting his black and shiny blingy gold.
In the end, the twins' favorite thing about the bout was the cupcakes.  Oh, well.  What's not to like about  rainbow colored cupcake with glittery frosting?
We did not get to see the Half of Besterns Flash Mob, where refs and friends put the ref hand signals to music, but it was a thing of beauty.

9/27 - Yellow Ninja seeks financial salvation

They were handing out granola bars and ads for Biblical financial planning this morning.  Guess which one I’ll find tastier?
Yellow Ninja prepares a sneak attack...  They were having a nacho sale on the 3rd floor today.  I think Ninja wants some, don’t you?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

9/26 - Yellow Ninja studies the zen of burritos

When Yellow Ninja saw all these safety precaution signs, he went into Ninja stealth mode and disappeared from view.  What a good trick.
We had a lot of meetings today.  Here I am with my fancy headset on mute paying full attention to the topic at hand.
To become one with the burrito, one must find the burrito within.  (burp)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9/25 - Yellow Ninja finds a stealth smiley

The stapler made it a point to smile when he saw Ninja.
Some people play air guitar.  Yellow Ninja plays ground guitar.  Rock on, stealth dude.

9/24 - Yellow Ninja is aglow about his new mission

Our mission was to find lunch and some clothes for Photo Day tomorrow.  Mission accomplished.
Here, Ninja subdues David's phone.  This is not a small feat. Bravo, Ninja!

Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21 - Caboose has breakfast for lunch

Today, there were free bagels.  Today, there was also a morning full of meetings. It took me until lunchtime to get one, but I did finally enjoy my bagel!
We didn’t get to see the space shuttle this morning (too many meetings), but we did pop up to the rooftop garden for some fresh air before heading into Meeting #5.  Ahhhhhh.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 - Littlest Monkey dreams of sweet berries

It was warm in the sunshine, so Littlest Monkey curled up in the branches of a nearby bush for a nap. He was dreaming of something sweet to eat, and then when he woke up, he realized he was surrounded by berries.  Sweet.
This sidewalk elevator is very wise indeed.  Can you read what its sign says?

9/19 - Ocean Research Truck finds a new specimen

Ocean Research Truck and I saw a shoe shine stand and a shiny circle with squares at lunch today.  The rest of the day was meetings, meetings, meetings.

We named this strange creature Alligatorus Hatticus.
Wasn't Mandaryn Crush so sweet to get me this cARRRRd for Talk Like a Pirate Day?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

9/18 - Ocean Research Truck almost becomes lunch!

The Nom Nom truck almost nommed Ocean Research Truck right up!  Yikes!!  (This is right out of a Richard Scarry book, isn’t it?)
Mommy and Ocean Research Truck say hi!  Big smiles and hugs from us to you.
And here is a big smile from Linda.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9/17 - Toucan hears a "beep beep"

The BART roadrunner was going so fast, he was a blur!  He said, “Beep beep!” as he went past, but Toucan couldn’t reply or he’d lose the berry in his mouth.

9/14 - Fly Guy and the Daisy Susans

We couldn’t decide if this plant was some kind of daisy or a brown-eyed susan, so we just called her Daisy Susan.   She didn’t seem to mind.
San Francisco is famous for its crooked street, but did you know it has some small crooked buildings as well?  (Let’s not get started on all the crooked and bent people that live here.  That is not a topic for children.)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13 - Dolphin and Race Car #8 meet some interesting characters

We had lunch with Rebecca and Charlotte today.  It was a nice sunny day, and we ate on a rooftop garden. Charlotte and I rescued a worm that was wiggling on the hot cement and put him in some nice shady ivy. Hope he’s OK.
Some of the characters I saw at lunch were a little too interesting, so I didn’t take their photos. Dolphin and Race Car #8 liked these guys we found zooming around on the sides of trucks.
This one looked a little sad, but he wouldn't say why.

9/12 - Race Car #8 hits Chinatown

No, not literally.  Literarily!
Here, Dolphin practices jumping through hoops.  Maybe he can teach me to do it more gracefully…

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/11 - Dolphin wants to swim swim swim

We came in to work thinking we had one meeting, but that one meeting turned into four and we have yet to leave the building!  Dolphin was getting restless, so I let him swim in my calendar.  Or is he trying to play chicken with the tall ship?  (Her name is Mir; she’s from Poland.)

9/09 - Weekend fun: Fall Festival Edition

The bathroom renovation continued this weekend (and is finally finished!), but at least we got a good box to play in out of the deal.
We also got some new pajamas from eBay that seemed a lot like race car driver uniforms to us.

Then, we enjoyed running into friends at the Fall Festival.
And hanging out in a police car!  Book 'em, Danno.

Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10 - Race Car #8 crosses the double line for a kiss

I’ve heard of an eye in the sky, but lips?
Later, Dolphin tried race car surfing.  He was dolphinately good at it!  Wheeee!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/07 - Blue Man Guy finds an alarmingly big mosquito

It looks like a robot mosquito, even!  Yikes!! (It was just a poster – don’t worry!)
Here, Blue Man Guy stopped to sniff these strange pom pom flowers.  He said they smelled like pom poms.  (Of course, his nose is under that mask, so he probably couldn’t really tell.)
Bathroom project update:  We went from complete demolition on Wednesday to this today.
And this is how it is tonight.  We have potty!!  And a structural, but not yet functional sink.  Everything should be done tomorrow and I will do the happiest happy bathroom dance you ever did see.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/06 - Pink Yoshi loves a bake sale

I was starving this morning, and they were having a bake sale at work.  What a happy coincidence!
Did you see my rainbow and double rainbow pictures from yesterday?

Also, check out how they looked in San Francisco (from SFGate).

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/05 - Hold on, Pink Yoshi!

Doesn’t Pink Yoshi look sweet next to these little flowers?
Whoa!  Motorcycles don’t have seat belts, and this one is off like a rocket!  Hold on!!!!
After Pink Yoshi's hard day, she just wanted to putter around the house...  (help)
And then, on our way to derby practice, look what we saw!  A rainbow!
No, TWO rainbows!!  We are doubly lucky.