Tuesday, September 20, 2011

9/20 - Robot Bird goes puddle jumping

Robot Bird consulted the map, but did not see an X marking a treasure spot.  Just some bus lines.
These kids are statues at the park with the redwood trees and the fountain with the froggies by my work.  They are called “Puddle Jumpers.”  Robot Bird wanted to jump, too!
Since when does packaging need to point out that it’s recloseable as a selling point? Am I that much of a mess that I can’t even open a box without proper instruction? (It even tells me to “Open Other End” on the opposite side!)
The continuing saga of me vs. transportation to derby practice continues.  At work, a big need-it-now project came up, and I had to leave work late.  Then BART had delays due to a fire near a track.  Oh, and the air conditioning in our train car didn't work.  Sigh.

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