Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10/26 - Python Truck in Candyland

We had a team lunch at a restaurant.  Jeanine thought Python Truck might want a bath – er, car wash –in my water glass.  I thought he might not.  (I was right.)
First, Python Truck went off-roading on a bumpy trail where the boulders were actually lollipops!
Then, he couldn’t decide which cupcake to use for a trampoline.
Finally, he brought over two lollipops (one at a time) for me to bring home to you.  :)
What a sweet Friday!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

10/25 - Cloud Guy and the old salt

He wanted to put a lot of salt on my lunch instead of the hot sauce I wanted.  I told him I got to pick, since it was my lunch!
Cloud Guy has a happy heart full of wisdom. No, really!  He does!  Look!

10/24 - Cloud Guy says, "I am not a baseball!"

We saw a lot of clouds in the sky this morning and were happy that it was not raining. We thought this cloud’s light was very impressive and kept looking back at it.  Cloud Guy wanted to learn this trick -- I can't blame him.
People in the city have baseball on the brain this week.  Oh, yes.  There were a lot of vendors selling Giants things.  Cloud Guy and I did not get anything and went back to work, where people were wearing orange ties or whatnot, a style I call "Giants casual."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/23 - Cloud Guy goes Gangnam Style

There’s a song with the line “clouds in my coffee.”  Cloud Guy preferred I put him *next* to the coffee, where he could nibble on my blueberry scone.
We were having a meeting in a coworker’s office and I saw he’d drawn the Gangnam Style guy on his whiteboard (work joke omitted from this photo).  Cloud Guy wanted to bust out a dance move, but he has no legs…   So he floated around instead.  Oppan Gangnam style!*
After work, we ran into Michael from my old job!  We thought it was funny to see a cloud under an umbrella.  Usually, it's the other way around.
Have you seen Derby Gangnam Style yet?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/22 - Cloud Guy and the BART bats

There were lots of umbrellas on BART today.  Cloud Guy thought they looked like sleeping bats.
Then we got to work and had a bunch of meetings and lunch at my desk and more meetings.  By the time it occurred to us to go get some fresh air, it was time to go.  What a Monday.

At least the rain stopped long enough for the Giants to win.  And for Cloud Guy to say hello to his peeps.

Friday, October 19, 2012

10/19 - Big Wheel and the pigshark bikeplane

Big Wheel wanted to take a turn on the scooters, but the other wheels said no, so we counted the numbers on the sidewalk instead.
No idea what this contraption was on top of the bus stop, but Big Wheel wanted a picture with it!
Big Wheel found a flying witch dog, which cackled as it flew by.  “Tee hee hee heee….”

Thursday, October 18, 2012

10/18 - Tigress likes a good curry

Tigress and I went to lunch with Nidhi today, a new work friend.  We had some nice veggie Indian dishes, but Tigress was sad we didn’t order meat.  (We were not.)

10/14 - Weekend fun: Cheese and bubbles edition

Last weekend, I was still under the weather, so we had a low key weekend.  We talked about going to the farmer's market and getting free ice cream offered as part of BART's 40th anniversary celebrations, but we just couldn't pull it together to get out of the house in time.

We did make it to the library.  :)

And made cheese enchiladas with green sauce.  Nom!
And had fun with bubbles.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10/17 - Tigress runs from fame and fortune

Both Tigress and David’s feet are wearing Giants colors for the big baseball game today.  Go, Giants!
At lunch, Tigress feared the five-fingered hand of fate, so she made a run for it.  I think she worried it was going to give her a big karate chop, but maybe it was really just waving hello?  You never really know how it's gonna go with fate...

10/16 - Tigress will comply

We saw this very serious warning on a big construction truck that hangs up signs.   It tells us not to play with wires or electricity.  Tigress said OK!
 Across the street, we saw all the big letters that the truck will be hanging up.  Hopefully they will not still be upside down and backwards once they are up!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/15 - Tigress growls, "Stand back! Wait your turn!"

The BART escalator was broken this morning (again!), and people were getting impatient waiting to go up the single-file staircase.  Good thing Tigress was there to keep everyone in order.
At lunch, Tigress karate chopped her way out of danger.    No orange cones or upside down Caution/Cuidado tape can hold her back!  Ka-POW!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/12 - Nap time for Woodstock's Tree

I found myself needing a stapler, so Woodstock's Tree and I looked through my old work boxes in the shed.  We were happy to find a stapler.  And not only any stapler, but Fish Stapler!!  We will be stapling with style now.
I am still a bit sick, so after being on hold to resolve a bill, I decided to hop back in the sack.  (Look at all those spelling words!!)  Doesn't Woodstock's Tree look cute all snuggled up?  (His elbows are a bit pointy, though!)
Meanwhile, the twins participated in their school's walkathon.  They walked 8 laps, got their faces painted, ate hot dogs, and entered some raffles.  That sounds like much more fun!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12 - Yellow Jack finds it all a blur at 8am

Between the cold medicine and the early meeting time, I had to agree.  We both wondered what was so dangerous about the umbrella in front of the bank (?) that it required caution tape.*  Curious.
We saw this big bouquet of yellow orchids in the lobby and Yellow Jack tried to blend in.

* David suggested the umbrella might be to protect passersby from falling objects.  Turns out the falling objects were -- gasp!-- weather!  We got a little bit of rain today.  Protective gear totally warranted.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10/10 - Yellow Jack holds on

This morning, the big spider was on the floor of the living room.  I wonder if she fell down or climbed down to play with the grasshopper?  Yellow Jack decided he wanted to ride on her back.  She told him, 'Hold on!"
I am still sick today.  Yellow Jack wanted to take his temperature too, so he climbed on top of the thermometer.  Silly little jack.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10/ 09 - Yellow Jack says, "Soup's on!"

(This week's spelling words are in bold font!)

I am still feeling sick today, so Yellow Jack and I stayed in.  Here, we packed up tissues and the phone so we could call in to a big meeting.
I picked up a double batch of soup from the Thai restaurant last night so I'd have some to eat for my sick day.  Yellow Jack thought it smelled yummy.  (It was.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

10/08 - Yellow Jack exceeds the time limit

He liked finding yellow things on the way in to work, especially this yellow parking meter.
I wish there were a time limit on my morning meetings.  4 hours straight seems a bit excessive when one’s sick...

Yellow Jack thought my lentil soup was a murky swimming pool and was going to use the spoon as a catapult to sproing in there for a dip until I yelled, “Stop!” (My coworkers wondered why I was yelling at the soup.)
Going after this cold with both barrels (they call it Tom YUM for a reason):
Odd bug behavior edition:  I noticed there was a grasshopper in the house.  Of all the places to go, s/he made a beeline for the Halloween spider/spiderweb decorations on the fireplace.  Of course.  S/he seemed to take a special interest in walking on the rubber spiders, through the web (I got queasy at the thought of having to untangle one of those spindly legs), and finally landed like a bow on the big spider's head.  So pretty.  Here s/he is, being the spider's parrot?  Yarrrchirp.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/05 - Inch the Inchworm finds a stripey friend

It was a ladder on a truck! (Yes, Inch looks a lot like Tigger’s tail.  He hears that all the time.  Inchworms can be stripey too!  Lil' Guy told me so.)  Lil' Guy was right!
We walked/inched around at lunchtime.  When we looked up, we saw redwoods and a beautiful California blue sky.
When we looked down, we saw a removable wall filled with construction project stuff.  I was hoping that store was going to be a restaurant, but the sign says it will be a 7-11.  Meh.
Cupcakes for my derby team's car wash/bake sale are ready.  Want one?

Friday, October 5, 2012

10/04 - Scrat wants a push

Although, from the looks of the gas tank, this Puch bike will go all by itself. If only one had the key…
Store signage:  You're doing it wrong.
Scrat goes nuts for cupcakes. This one had peanut butter frosting.  Scrat’s tail was twitchy with anticipation.  NOM!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10/03 - Cyclops Alien feels the fall

It’s pumpkin season!  Look what I found at the store!  Pumpkin breakfast bars.  NOM.  Cyclops Alien and I thought they were quite tasty, but a little dry.
Work was really busy today and I missed the last day of the heatwave, but I got to take it all out at derby practice.  #feelingthefall  Derby makes everything better.  :)

9/30 - Weekend fun: Large mouse edition

The highlight of last weekend was Archer's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Lil' Gal had been begging to go there for.ever.  I hadn't ever been to one with kids (those crazy college days).  So the day had finally come for those two milestones to line up.  The kids had a great time with their BFFs.  I got to follow a large mouse around in a conga line and talk to some adults.  #winning

We also had fun wearing old Halloween costumes around the house.

And riding bikes/skating at the basketball court of the nearby school.  Until we melted.
The end.