Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/23 - Mike the Knight otter be ashamed of himself

First, he took the invitation to get close to otters a little too seriously.  That otther almost had him for breakfast!
Then, he ate my whole chocolate tart, and used the fort to catapault himself away!  Mike the Knight!  You are not very chivalrous.

5/22 - Beeper is not at all pleased

Beeper and I found this when we popped up from BART.  Our entrance/exit was blocked off.  And then the alternate exit/entrance had a broken escalator and a really smelly stairwell.  Beeper started to say some bad words, but happily, they all sounded like beeps.
Not sure what these tanks were on the back of a truck, but they looked neat.
Hey!  Crazy hair/hat day photo from yesterday!

5/21 - Space Horse longs to run with the herd

Space Horse thought this baby bulldozer was a space ship, and wondered why it didn't just fly up and out of its barricage.
This horse friend was also tethered.  Poor Space Horse, always running solo.

5/20 - Space Horse is tied up right now, would you like to leave a message?

Space Horse found some pretty purple flowers and a unicorn!  The unicorn told us he thought space horses only existed in stories.
Jeanine made a spider web out of rubber bands for Suren’s desk.  That’ll teach him to work from home…

Sunday, May 19, 2013

5/17 - Happy Ring loses her happy

Our morning started out well, with a fire truck zipping by, SF Giants flag a-flowing and the sirens a-blaring.  (You can't see it in the photo, but this is a ring with a smiley face.)
And then we had meetings and were never seen again.  :(

5/16 - Plate of Carrots has an exciting day

First, we learned not to play with electricity.
Then, POC went for a sail on a pirate ship.  They tried to tell us it was art, but if it sails, we’re outta here.

5/15 - Plate of Carrots strikes gold!

POC found some miners panning for gold.  Usually carrots shy away from pans, but POC wanted to learn how it was done.
And look!  Plate of Carrots ended up being the golden treasure.  How on earth did that happen?

5/14 - Plate of Carrots is in disguise

Holy cow!  What on earth have we found?  A carrotsaurus?
And look past that table – do you see something round?

* spelling words in bold 

5/13 - Plate of Carrots and the terrible vegetable slaughter

I took Plate of Carrots to the salad bar with me to see if we could find some veggie friends, but I guess that’s like taking a pet pig to a sausage factory.  Sorry, POC!
Ooooh!  Look at the pretty shiny bike on BART!

Friday, May 10, 2013

5/10 - Dexter and the Pottymon

Dexter went looking for Pokémon with me today.  We found these driving into the BART parking lot – probably for tomorrow’s Rodeo Parade.  Pottymon!!  Gotta catch ‘em all!  Er...  No!!!
Here, Dexter found some Poké Balls in the city.  The dogs tried to tell us they were toys for them, but Dexter was not fooled.

5/09 - Cutie Bird and Tiny wave hello!

Hello!  Happy birthday to Mama!!

5/08 - Tinkerbell waits

Tinkerbell tried with all her might to follow the rule and wait, but it was no use.  She was hungry!!
She liked these balloons because one was the same color as the band in her hair.

5/07 - Kanga finds a pouch pal for Roo

Kanga and Roo saw this little guy peeking out of a pouch on BART and thought they might be able to snuggle him up. They tried, but then it was my stop, and we had to go.

5/06 - Soccer Ball takes a shine to some new friends

He wanted to be shiny like the balls in the fountain, but they wanted to be free to roll like Soccer Ball. As they say, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."

Friday, May 3, 2013

5/03 - Dinoco beats the roadrunner!

I forgot to bring Mario’s head/Luigi’s body!  I’m so sorry!!

Dinoco was in the van and said he’d be happy to be my toy friend today.  He zoomed so fast, that he passed the BART roadrunner!  Vroom!!

5/02 - CowCow thinks life needs more cowbell

All we could find were these cowbell-shaped flowers.

5/01 - CowCow says "Mooooove over!"

CowCow and I have been busy at my desk today (mayday!), taking care of business.  At least she had someone to play with.

4/30 - CowCow goes to pasture

It was a beautiful day for a picnic, and CowCow was happy to find some grass in the city.  And Gio!

4/29 - CowCow sets sail

Here’s what CowCow and I saw during our lunchtime wander:
A cute little doggie that tried to say “Mooo,” but it came out “Bawooo” instead.
And!  A pirate ship!