Thursday, May 31, 2012

5/31 - Mario tries to catch a flying pizza

Looks like there’s a new Madagascar penguin movie coming out…  It looks silly!
The weather was so nice today, Mario and I decided to take a quick stroll toward North Beach.  He saw this pepperoni pizza and tried to catch it, but the flying baby was too fast.
Mario's other lunch finds:
This funny guy was giving a tour of the neighborhood to some people.  I’m not sure why he was wearing that outfit…
 We found a really cute little alley, lined with cute old brick buildings.  Mario liked the red and green bricks on this one.

5/30 - Blue Yoshi meets lots of new friends

Unfortunately, my phone is still refusing to send or receive information today, so I’ll have to show you the pictures at home again.  Grrr.  Blue Yoshi met these new friends today:

Suzanne F and her two little doggies, Yogi and the other one whose name I can't remember.
My friend Meredith from college, who looks exactly the same as she did then.  (How does she do it?!)
Some kind of Curious George guy.
Meanwhile, at home, Lil' Gal lost tooth #6.  She is now ahead of Lil' Guy!  Woooo!
 Popsicle break!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

5/29 - Koopa Troopa is sad that Mommy's phone will not send pictures today

I will have to show you the pictures on the phone when I get home.  :(

Here is Koopa Troopa with a nice SF postcard featuring the Bay Bridge (and an orange? Or is that an Angry Bird?).
Koopa Troopa was feeling shy without his shell, so I took him to Shell Corner (who knew?), where he tried on a new one. Doesn't that look nice?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/28 - Weekend fun - Wheels edition

Lil' Gal decorated the nectarine tree for Memorial Day.
We made a Tinkertoy robot bird and found Goomba in the Tinkertoy bin.
We made grilled cheese sandwiches.
We learned to ride our bikes without training wheels!  And I got to chase the kids on my new skate wheels.

Also, we had an impromptu barbecue and Lil' Gal has more "wobbly teeth."  Hope you had a nice Memorial Day weekend, too!

Friday, May 25, 2012

5/25 - Old Yeller finds things that are red

They were handing out coffee energy drinks this morning.  I considered drinking this one, but then thought I’d be smarter to save it for the weekend.
Old Yeller wanted to find things the same color as his kerchief.  He found an ICEE bear with a red sweater and some pretty red geraniums on the rooftop garden.  Good job, Old Yeller!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

5/24 - Squeaky Toy and the window washers

We usually see these window washing platforms high up in the air on the side of a building.  Here’s one that came in for a landing.
Squeaky Toy likes a nice rooftop garden  (who doesn't?).  This one was really nice.  We’ll be back!

5/23 - Jewel finds another bird on BART

There was a new poster at the BART station today about a famous book called The Maltese Falcon.  Jewel flapped her wings at the falcon, but he did not flap back.
Jewel likes things that are blue.  She loved Elizabeth’s pretty blue dress.  Squawk!  (We are cooped up today – busy day!)
Speaking of blue...  It was Crazy Hair Day at the twins' school.  Lil' Gal wanted her hair to look like a unicorn horn.  Given seven minutes and a pipe cleaner, here's my McGuyver creation.

This photo will not be right-side up, no matter what I try.  I surrender.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

5/22 - Parasaurolophus reminds us that we're all connected

Or to watch out for giant orange spiderwebs…
Parasaurolophus wanted to eat a rainbow for lunch, so we thought these flowers might do.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5/21 - Baker Smurf goes pirate

Baker Smurf likes this chipmunk's blue scarf.  Doesn’t he look stylish?
Baker Smurf saw the little sushi boats floating along and wanted to hijack one for a pirate adventure.  (The restaurant said no.)
 We did have a nice lunch with Anna, who snuggled him up before she left.  Awwww.

5/20 - Weekend fun: Eclipse edition

We kicked off this weekend at the school carnival, where much fun was had by all.
The weather was nice, so we went to the park by our house and climbed trees and had a snack at Picnic Rock.

At home, we played in the sandbox.
And checked out some new friends in the garden.
Oh!  And there was an eclipse!  I knew it was coming, but got distracted and forgot to prepare for it.  "Kids!  The sun is going to do this really cool trick... DON'T LOOK AT IT!  You see, the moon goes in front...  DON'T LOOK AT IT!  Here.  I've poked a tiny hole in this cardboard.  Look at this tiny projection on the fence.  That's the sun and that's the..."  At this point, the kids wandered off to jump on the trampoline.  Oh, well.

How was your weekend?

Friday, May 18, 2012

5/18 - Yellow Yoshi sings happy birthday to Maranda

Yellow Yoshi saw these escalator stairs waiting for repairs and decided to climb up them.  It was good exercise.
Today was Maranda's birthday, so we took her to lunch.  We saw a cupcake truck on our way to the rooftop garden, and had to take a picture.
Then, on the rooftop garden, someone took a picture of us!
Tonight was the elementary school carnival.  We had so much fun and won all kinds of prizes.  The twins picked up mad hula hooping skillz, and I was pleased to discover I still had 'em.

 And now... on to the weekend!  What do you have planned?

5/17 - Mommy and Luigi say "Buon giorno!"

It’s getting pretty busy at work right now, so we’re sticking close to my desk trying to get it all done.  I’m hoping we’ll get out for a quick walk at some point.
We did get out for a minute and found some lovely Angry Birds hats.  To quote the twins:  Which one are you?  (I'm the piggie.)
Later, I made cupcakes for the school carnival tomorrow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

5/16 - Barkie has a lickety split lunch with lovely Linda

This is a postcard of a sketch from my twitter friend @CheapGirlDraws.  Barkie wanted to join in the conversation too:  "Woof!"  He also liked these dog doodles.
All of my meetings went over their allotted time today.  I barely had enough time to run out and meet Linda!  But we just made it.  Phew!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

5/15 - Sparrow considers a career change

First, Sparrow tried to get Raj to be a pirate, so he could be a pirate parrot.
Then, he wanted to be Koopa Troopa’s pet parrot.  Silly Sparrow!
When the parrot idea didn’t work out, Sparrow tried to be a woodpecker.  But when it hurt his beak, he decided it was just fine to be a Sparrow after all.  The end.