Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Country Fair Time

We do love us a country fair.  So off we went!
They had me at pig races... (which also featured bonus weiner dogs dressed in hot dog costumes!)
We looked at animals...  These must be part of the Sheep Witness Protection ProgrAAAAm.
 Um. Nice?
 Psst...  Sweet piggies...  Be really glad you can't read.
 Baby possums!  Squee!!
The peeps are peeping out!
Please do not win a cow.
 You may, however, pet one.  This one's name was Pumpkin.
We saw all kinds of vehicles and "rode" tractors...

There was digger dancing...  Oh, yes.  You heard me.

You'd like to see a video?  OK.  I am so good to you.
Click here to see digger dancing on Vimeo.

We also broke boards and ate all kinds of fried food.  NOM.
Yep.  We had a grand old time.