Wednesday, June 30, 2010

6/30 - Baby Giraffe eats tiny flowers

Not my top choice for breakfast, but he seemed to like them.

He and Rosemary inspected a fire call box at lunchtime.

David sent a photo of a "tip up truck" for the twins.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29 - Ocean Rescue Jeep overrun by spiders!

When the spiders in the beaker on my desk saw the Ocean Research Jeep, they wanted to go for a ride!  Wheee!!

Later, ORJ made some new friends.  Beep beep!

6/28 - Trolling for lunch

Pirate Troll says "Arrr!  Ahoy, mateys!!"  He is sailing on the ship Skullduggery, looking for treasure (or more coffee).

Troll and I *finally* got out for lunch at 2:30!  We were STARVING.  We saw this surveying equipment when we went out.  Maybe Mama can remember what surveying is all about and tell you -- I've lost my mind.

Happily, Suzanne took us out for happy hour.  Happiness is a glass of wine on days like this.

Friday, June 25, 2010

6/25 - Shrek does shralad


Silly Shrek tried to look like a CPR mannequin.

Then he tried to bite a cupholder because he thought it was a cookie.

It's the weekend!!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6/24 - Spider sips some soup

There was not enough coffee for this day.  8am meeting, followed by a 9-5 meeting, then an emergency 1.5 hours of work to meet an urgent deadline.  You know it's bad when you pass a homeless guy curled up in a sleeping bag and think to yourself, "That looks good!"

We had some soup at our working lunch break, Spider and I.  After the 5pm meeting, I was still jealous of homeless guy -- he'd gotten to leave!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/23 - Oh Captain, my captain

Here is an escalator under construction at our train station in the city.  They took all the stairs off!  (Ashley had the brilliant idea of making it a slide -- how's that for adding fun to your commute?)

Captain found himself a wee crew among the pirate toys at my desk.  It's no Guinness Book of World Records, but it's still worthy of an "Arrrrr!"  (Captain is the pirate in the blue pants in front.)

6/22 - Tyrone, the ladies' moose

Tyrone was quite popular with the office ladeez today.  Here he is with Linda, Ashley, and Dana.

These guys are Linda's friends.  (They are toy chicken nuggets in little costumes!)  Tyrone wanted to keep them as pets, but they already belong to Linda.

Monday, June 21, 2010

6/21 - Tiny Tiny Guy Guy and the cupcake meeting

Hi.  Thank you for calling.  Tiny Tiny Guy Guy is tied up in a meeting from 9:30am - 3pm.  He will return your call when he's not in a meeting.  Please leave a message at the beep.  Thank you.

At least the last "meeting" of the day involved cupcakes.  NOM!!

Say it with me...  NO MORE MEETINGS!  Unless they involve cupcakes.  More of those, please.

Friday, June 18, 2010

6/18 - Howler Monkeys hitch a ride

I should've known that bringing monkeys to work was gonna be trouble...  First, they played in the bushes by the train station and almost made us late.

Then, they couldn't resist the "muddy" Thinking Putty at my desk.  (People can't either!)

After all that, the Howler Monkeys still had then nerve to hop onto my necklace and try to go for a ride around the office.  Silly monkeys!

I thought this was quite appropriate for this week, especially since I'm still working, but now from home.  Feh.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

6/17 - Snoopy is king of the post-its

Snoopy did some stair-climbing while I was trapped on a conference call.  Srsly -- I couldn't get the headset out of my hair!

Later, Snoopy became king of the pirates (in his mind).

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

6/16 - Whooooo did Froggie see?

Froggie saw an owl and a nest!

We had a lot of meetings today (again. still.), so Froggie had to try to find fun at my desk.  (And I had none to hand out.  See: meetings.)  He tried to ride the fish stapler!  Wheee!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6/15 - Elephant II is on the phone

No, really.  He's ON the phone!

Here's Linda, doing the elephant.  Not bad, right?

"I am horsie, who goes fast," says Lil' Gal.
"I am bear.  I go hunting for food, and I hunt for horsies to eat," says Lil' Guy.
"I love you, Mommy.  I love you,elephant," adds Lil' Guy.
"Thank you!" says Lil' Gal.

Awww...  Here's a silly elephant parade for horsie and bear.

Monday, June 14, 2010

6/14 - Cheetah and the chopstick

The cafeteria is out of tall stirring sticks, so I had to use a chopstick to stir my coffee this morning.  Cheetah looked nice next to my coffee cup -- they match!

They are doing some work on one of the floors in our building (not mine).  Here's a picture of the wires and pipes they have hiding under (above?) the ceiling.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

6/11 - Tyrone the Station Agent

I know Tyrone was a Delivery Agent in one Backyardigans show, but now he wants to to be a BART Station Agent!  Doesn't that sound like a fun job?  We found a button on the elevator that will call the Station Agent if you have a problem.  (We did not push it.)

Look at the pretty tomatoes we saw at the Ferry Building!

Tyrone says hi!  How's everyone doing?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

6/10 - Bitty herd and smiley clown nose

The Baby Giraffe family herd nothing about upcoming meetings.  They are lucky.

C'mon...  Who doesn't want a smiley clown nose?  (Highlight of my day, that one was.)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/09 - Goblin gobbles up lunch with Rosemary

Goblin is just a regular ol' commuter.  See him waiting to get off the train?  Note his briefcase.  He fits right in!
 (I asked Lil' Guy what was in his briefcase.  "Lost of things!  Goblin stuff."  Of course!)

At lunch, we saw motorcycles!  And Rosemary!!

6/08 - Austin! Banana phone for you!

Austin loved the train ride into work this morning, and sometimes he'd peek out of my bag!  Here he is being a samurai at my desk.  He's so silly!

Later, Austin used a banana phone to talk to his new friend Ani!

Monday, June 7, 2010

6/07 - Cheetah's got it covered

I thought the pattern on this manhole cover looked like Cheetah's lovely spots, but she disagreed.

At lunch, we saw some kind of construction stuff going on, but David  had to hurry to a meeting and Lil' Guy had put a tooth through his lip, so there was no time to make inquiries.  I'm sure you understand.

A gazillion thanks to Aunt Julie and her team of professionals at the hospital for giving us kind and practical medical advice -- from across the country!  You guys ROCK.

Friday, June 4, 2010

6/04 - Working Goblin

Who knew goblins carried briefcases?  I wonder what's in there.  I'll have to ask Lil' Guy.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

6/03 - Madagascar Penguins and the motherlode

This morning, I was stuck working from home again, felled by a cold.  The Madagascar Penguins were kind enough to act as tissue dispensers for me.

Which one of these should I bring to work with me next?  See any familiar faces?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6/02 - Warthog/Dartdog Dinosaur finds a pretty plant

We saw this lovely at lunch.  The rest of the day was not-so-lovely and filled with contentious meetings.  Feh.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6/01 - Alligators and motorcycles, oh my!

Hi guys!  The alligators (formerly known as caimans) and I saw some motorcycles today.  They (the alligators) are standing on a parking meter.  Do you recognize any of the numbers on there?  What about the big number on the ground?

Then, they took David to the park.  (OK, they took him to a photo of a park.) But they did like the noodles we had for lunch!