Thursday, January 24, 2013

1/20 - Angry Birds Birthday Party

My little guys are not so little anymore...  This weekend, the twins turned SEVEN (7) years old.  They are fast-paced gangly people with strong opinions and fierce imaginations that still let me hug and kiss them up at will.    #love  This year, they wanted an Angry Birds Star War party.  Super cool, but there isn't much merch out there to buy yet.  Not that this was going to stop me...

Nor was their teacher's request to only send healthy snacks (no cupcakes!)...  Inspired by the post at bentology, I made piggie spinach tortilla sandwiches with garden cream cheese spread and not-healthy candy eyes.  The birds were crackers and provolone cheese, with carrot beaks, not-healthy candy eyes, and seaweed eyebrows.  Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler's tutorial for painting cheese is here.
For the party, I built a live action Angry Birds game.  I covered boxes with butcher's paper to make them look uniform, got some piggie stuffies from the party store, and ordered some new Angry Birds Star Wars stuffies to throw at them and knock them all down.  The kids worked as a team to build up the structures and took turns hurling the angry birds.

Next, I wanted to make an Angry Birds bowling game, but my attempts with the paint I had were not successful.  Happily, Mama had some plastic bowling pins on hand, so we used those and a ball I meant to draw a bird face onto, but I ran out of time.  The kids never noticed the lapse in theme and loved the game, so I'm going to count it as a win.
Our last game was a variation on Hot Potato -- Pass the Angry Bird.  Whoever was left with the bird in hand when the music stopped "got exploded."  We played three rounds!

Then, it was time for cupcakes!  You can use my cupcake topper template.

Happy birthday, my sweeties!  I love you!