Friday, February 26, 2010

2/26 - Pat and the silly worms

Pat and I found a drawing of worms at the beach.  Lucky worms!

We managed to get to a window in hopes of watching some calming rain, but all we found was fog.  By the time we sent the photo home, it was sunny again.  Or so I heard.

2/25 - Little Lamb and Catty find good news

The best news of the day is shown by Catty and Little Lamb, with special guest hands by That Silly Doug.

At lunch, the cafeteria did not announce pesto in the veggie lasagna.  Which meant that they also did not announce that there were nuts in said hidden pesto.  Happily, I did not die from cafeteria food, but I did enjoy an elevated heart beat and swollen throat. And the challenge of finding a non-lethal lunch before my next meeting.  Here's Catty by the coin jar at the sammich shop.

Little Lamb tried to measure just how long our day was, but the ruler was not long enough.  A for effort, my little lamb friend.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2/24 - Warthog/Dartdog Dinosaur and the raindrops

Sounds like some kind of band, doesn't it?  The twins are into rhyming, especially Lil' Guy.  WDD and I saw lots of puddles and raindrops this morning, but did not get rained upon.  Yay.

On lunch break (hummus sammich, not pictured), we found a spiky plant with a spiky flower that looked a lot like spiky WDD.

During a loooong conference call, we rounded up some green and yellow things to make WDD feel more at home.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2/23 - Box of Tortellini

Today, Lil' Guy handed me a small green block.
    LG:  "Here, so you have something to eat at work."  
    Me:  "Thanks!  What is it?"
    LG:  "It's tortellini."
    Me:  "Yum!"  (pretends to eat in it one bite)
    LG:  "No!  It's a BOX of tortellini!"
Some imagination, huh?

Mark was thrilled to pose with Box of Tortellini.

BoT and I discovered he (?) was green, just like Mommy's water bottle.

Monday, February 22, 2010

2/22 - Doggie counts

We are on a big penguin kick at our house these days, especially after we got some new penguin toys at a fast food place.  Doggie was so happy to find penguins in one of Mommy's books at work!  Good Doggie.

Doggie also met a new friend.  As you may know, Underdog likes to speak in rhymes.  As do Lil' Guy and Lil' Gal. Fun for everyone.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2/19 - Bubbles and Fido host "This Week in Notebooks"

Well.  After 21 hours of meetings in 2.5 work days, Mommy was pretty fried.  Look at all the notebooks I went through!

Fido (Lil' Gal's pet) really wanted a burger for lunch, but we had the three-salad combo at the Japanese place instead.  Sorry, Fido!

Bubbles (Lil' Guy's choice) had quite the afternoon.  She went joy-riding with a pirate and his wenches.  Whee!  I mean -- ARRRR!

Lil' Guy was devastated that I didn't bring Wanda's fancy pink car home for him to play with.  :(

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2/18 - Frosty "Pawberries" Snowman, at your service

It was another all-day meeting.  I brought Frosty "Pawberries" (rhymes with strawberries) Snowman with me, poor fellow.  We desperately wanted to escape.

On one of the few breaks, we noticed a sago palm like the one we have at home.

I have no idea what this sign means, but let the record show that Frosty and I paid attention.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2/17 - Duck and cover

Today was a 9-hour meeting with very few breaks.  Poor Duck looked like he wanted to do just that.

Ah, the morning fog....

At least lunch was brought in.

And we got to look out the window at the lovely sunny day that resulted after the fog burned off.  Sigh.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2/16 - Happy little Eggplant

I wanted to show off Eggplant's magnetic personality by sticking her to one of the poles on BART, but my car only had seat handles.  She was a happy commuter nonetheless.

At lunch, we enjoyed sunshine peeking through the fog and played toughies.  "Meet me by the bike rack!"

We learned that, although water fountains appear to be made of metal, little food magnets do not stick to them.  David explained that this is a special feature of stainless steel.  Who knew?

Friday, February 12, 2010

2/12 - Firefighter #3 practices fire safety every day

Firefighter #3 and I saw a lot of standpipes on the way to work, but this one was the only shiny silver one.

We saw a special door in the elevator just for firefighters, but #3 didn't have the key.*

Now we know how to exit the building in case of emergency.  Well done, Firefighter #3!*

* Please note special Guest Hand for the last two photos -- thank you, Ashley S.!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2/11 - Blue Guy, Red Heart

Um, Blue Guy is tied up in a meeting right now.  Please hold.

He's a romantic, though.  See how he peruses Valentine candy and plants?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2/10 - Piggy and the Feds

The little piggie who stayed home yesterday got to come in to work today, while the others went wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Here, Piggy admires the architecture of the Federal Reserve.

Later, Piggy was impressed with the Zen simplicity of a simple white fire hydrant.

Piggy was NOT impressed with all the time I spent on the Visio drawing I nicknamed "SPEW" (not pictured).

2/09 - Passle o' Pigs

Today, 2 out of three pigs got to come to work.  (Sorry, Piggy!)  Olivia and Ian were happy to share a breakfast scone with me.

During a meeting, we learned How To Draw a Pig.

And then, we had expert drawer Michael go for it.

He's not messing around, ya'll.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/08 - Home again, home again, jiggety jog

Monday meant heading back home and to work.

Francine and I made it back safely and on time, and went right to work.  We enjoyed lunch with Erika.

2/07 - Francine, Friends, and Football

We started Superbowl Sunday with brunch.  And Toody.

Francine was good enough to learn that Grandmother's stalker cat was named Judah.  Figures.

Aunt Patty posed with Francine.  Which was appropriate, since Francine was one of the toys she sent to us some time ago!

Aunt Patty is sending gummi bears to the twins (along with a bazillion other toys).

Francine and some of Grandmother's rooster collection.

Here's Francine with fried pickles and a Very Large Beer.

The Saints win!!!!!!  (Who'd have thought the actual game would be more interesting than the ads?!)

Goodnight, Grandmother!  We love you!!

2/06 - Francine and HEB the Greater

Grandmother took us to her favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant.  Uncle Tod got the Super Pechuga and a Mexican Martini that was pretty impressive.

After that, we passed by the lesser H.E.B. in favor of H.E.B. the Greater, which has the power to bend even the time-light continuum.

Then, we had the traditional family Scrabble Smackdown. 

Francine is NOT mealy.  But she may have been lured by a pie.