Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/28 - Meena raises the roof

We had a sandwich for lunch up on my building’s rooftop garden.  Meena thought the flowers were big.
I held on to Meena tightly as we looked at the tiny cars in the street below.
Tonight after work, we all went over to the school playground down the street.  The twins rode their bikes around the basketball court while I practiced like mad for my upcoming roller derby skills assessment.  I think having kids suddenly careen into me while I try one-leg glides will only help my derby skills -- don't you agree?


  1. The twins must totally brag at school.. "Oh your Mom works in the Library? Mine's in the Roller Derby." :o)

  2. Lil' Gal thinks it's pretty cool. Lil' Guy mainly likes the stripey socks. They did enjoy watching some bout highlights with me on the internet, but I don't think they'll really get it until they see me out there on the track.