Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2/25 - Pidove is ready to fly the coop

The people on this part of my floor have moved to different desks while the renovation project is taking place.  Pidove and I went to check it out. We saw deskless desks, flocks of office chairs, and all kinds of moving things with wheels.

Pidove wanted to have hand-truck races, but I wanted to nap in the big boxes.
Instead, we went back to work.

2/24 - Pidove, take a note!

For a birdbrain, Pidove is actually pretty good at taking meeting minutes.  Of course, his handwriting looks like pigeon scratch...

2/21 - Pivey the Baseball dreams of spring

He thought this quote was pretty far afield.
But then he's a fruity kinda guy.  Perhaps even a little bananas.
Orange you glad I'm stopping now?

2/20 - What is it with Stormtrooper Piggie and boxes?

He's obssessed, I tell you.

2/19 - Stormtrooper Piggie needs glasses

He thought these neatly lined bumps were an army and tried to join the formation!

Friday, February 21, 2014

2/18 - Stormtrooper Piggie goes boxing

He made quite a fortress with the moving boxes on my floor.  I hope it won’t annoy my coworkers when they fall down!

* spelling words in bold

2/17 - To the hip hip hop, a you don't stop

The kids didn't have school and I didn't have work, so we hopped on over to the zoo.

And then we came to a stop...  Or a slow crawl, perhaps.

Hoppy President's Day!

2/14 - Kabuto finds a lotta love

Love balloons, that is.  They are having a fundraiser at work to help the American Heart Association, and people on my floor are assembling these “heart grams.”  They come with big boxes of candy, which is not especially heart-healthy, but is especially tasty.
Happy Valentine's Day!!

2/13 - Pinkie Pie gets exposed

Overexposed, even.  We tried to take a picture of her with some mushrooms that sprouted the minute we got some rain around here, but the sun was quite bright.

2/12 - Pinkie Pie is parched

Pinkie Pie enjoyed drinking water with lemons and strawberries in it so much, she thought she might start selling it at her shop!

2/11 - Pinkie Pie calls a Heroes of the World meeting

Yes, of course Pinkie Pie is a hero! Not only because of her Pinkie Sense, but because she brings yummy treats to meetings!  That makes her a hero in my book.  :)
She was also very brave when we met this fierce fellow.  Pinkie Pie cooed at him and tamed him right away.

2/10 - Pinkie Pie loves meetings!

Pinkie Pie was so excited about coming to one of my meetings that she drew all kinds of happy stuff about it.  Isn't she cute?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

2/07 - Little Peep needs some sugar

We had a slog of a morning and the rainy weather was getting us down, so Little Peep treated ourselves to a bit of sweetness.  Mmmmm.  Morning buns...
Speaking of sweetness, do you see those cute little peeps behind my coffee?  :)

2/06 - Thomas wishes you a happy new year

Again, with the belated...  Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Looks like folks at work were celebrating.
Thomas and I went for a lunchtime stroll and he found somewhere to park while I grabbed a sandwich. Blends right in, doesn't he?

2/05 - Thomas and the cast of one

Tonight we got to take David out for a belated birthday dinner and sign his cast.  Which was quite complicated with a ballpoint pen, but we do what we can with what we have on hand.  (Which, for David, was a cast.)

2/04 - Thomas is not on the right track

Thomas liked this bright red track, but the sign told him to get a move on.
He thought the next tracks looked more his style, but they were only shadows.

2/03 - Thomas found my people!

Every good workplace has a little bit of piracy in it, and Thomas found ours.  Avast!