Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/31 - Pan haz an orange

Linda says this is a magic orange and will make us strong and healthy.  She picked it herself from the family orange tree over the weekend. I will share it with you tonight!
Lots of clouds today!  What a crazy spring!
Speaking of crazy, the magic orange haz a lucky worm! The orange was tasty and delicious.  (We did not try the worm.)

Monday, May 30, 2011

5/30 - Happy Memorial Day and thanks for all the carrots

All that we fired up today were 2 big naps, one for each grownup.  Zzzzzzz.  While I was on kid duty, the Littlest Rabbits heisted Diego's Rescue Mobile and a load of leaf curl.
I also took time to delight in new strawberries and the gorgeous blue California sky.

Tomorrow brings us the return of work and rain.  :(

Friday, May 27, 2011

5/27 - Giant DC Robot eats everything

Whenever Mama has an empty Diet Coke box, it becomes a giant robot with an insatiable appetite.
The next time you can't find your keys, ask the DC Robot...
Oh no!  Poor Gleep!  Down the hatch he goes!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/26 - Sick Mommy is sick

Today is a very boring day, photo-wise.  I'm sorry.  For our 1-week anniversary, this cold has presented me with a budding sinus infection.  Awww.  So romantic.

Lil' Guy gave me the other Snoopy to keep me company while the twins went to pre-school.  I ended up doing some work stuff and we never did anything photo-worthy.  He did help me remember that I needed to order more Flu Buster.  (That and Lung Tonic helped me come back from multiple rounds of bronchitis last year, BTW).
Then I took a nap for four years and it was suddenly bedtime.

Twitter suggests I follow the CDC.  A slight hint, perhaps?

Here are some cute twin quotes from today:

The twins were on their way to pre-school with Mama, looking for the Number of the Day as they drove.  Lil' Guy said, "I can't see any sixes, because of how a certain lady is driving."  (Mama said, "Hey!")

Lil' Gal's favorite joke these days:
  Knock, knock.
  (Who's there?)
  (Love who?)
  I love you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/25 - Snoopy gets kidnapped by a Robot Whirlybird

Snoopy and his Snoopy posse had some big adventures today.  First, Snoopy and a monkey friend were kidnapped by a Robot Whirlybird (formerly known as Condor, actually an Easter duck from Rosemary).
After that ordeal, Snoopy and his gang had a lovely tea party.  (The monkey was not invited, nor was the Whirlybird.)
Lovely, that is, until Blue Bear started sneezing loudly and NOT covering his sneezes.  Well.  Then all the Snoopies started sneezing all over each other and the next thing you knew, everybody was sick.  Bippy (Lil' Guy's blanket pal) was kind enough to tuck everyone in for a nap.  And they were all better by dinner time.
The end.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24 - Nurse Uniqua and Silly Dogs for dinner

Lil' Guy gave me Uniqua to keep me company when they went off to pre-school today.  She pretended she was Nurse Uniqua, and gave me all the tissues I needed.  I told Lil' Guy she sang me a lullaby for my nap.  He looked at me sternly, "Did you sing for her?  Are you telling me the truth?"  (sigh)  I told him he was right.  She only sang in my imagination.  But, oh, what a song it was.
During the day, I saw a link from @FeedOurFamiles to a recipe for Silly Dogs.  It was stunning and super simple.  The kids were intrigued, and Mama surprised us all by making them.  Lil' Gal refused to try them, but Lil' Guy loved them.  And since he's such a skinny lil' guy, we're always happy to find something that he'll gobble up.

*  Yes, 2 kinds of pasta.  But Lil' Gal was having the bow ties and therefore, Lil' Guy had to have them too.  It's a twin thing.

Monday, May 23, 2011

5/23 - Big Digger - BIGGER DIGGER!

Well, that cold has caught me good.  (Lil' Guy told a great story about a swarm of germs -- "and that's how the cold caught her.")  I did dial in for what promised to be a good project forensics meeting.  Here's Chomper Plane, ready to voice his opinion.
Now.  I am very pleased to present a guest photo from David!  How cute is this??

Hi Lil' Gal!!!!!!! - Hi Lil' Guy!!!!!!
Mommy is sick today - so I took a picture for you instead.
Look at all these diggers that are outside my office.
I love watching them - but I have work to do!
Say it together 3 times fast... ready...1..2..3..
Love, David.
Answer:  Almost as cute as the twins very seriously repeating, "Big Digger! BIGGER DIGGER!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

5/20 - The Backyardigans' hat trick

Lil' Gal must really be sick -- she took a nap today for the first time in years.  (And she's got some funky rash that the doctor says is related to her cold.  Ick.)

While she slept, Lil' Guy staged this photo of his Backyardigans friends (and Widget!) in a sun hat, featuring current favorite Tasha (the yellow hippo).
Then, somehow, they got all "stacked up."  Whoopsie.  I hate it when that happens.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5/19 - Tales of Planet Robotron and the Missing Ice Cream Truck

Today was supposed to be a vacation day.  Which it was, but I spent it feeling miserable with the cold I picked up from Lil' Gal.  I held down the fort while Mama went to kindergarten open house.  We played with the rocket, which landed on the red planet of Robotron.  Of course, having a sofa-like surface, it was hard for the robots to keep their balance.
Suddenly, we heard the ice cream truck coming, with its odd song choice of "Fur Elise."  We pulled on our shoes, and waited for it to come back.  On its way back, it turned down the cul-de-sac across from our house (clearly marked "No Outlet").  We sat on the front yard to wait. We waited and waited and waited, but it never came out of the cul-de-sac.  When Mama and the kids finally went to look for it, they discovered that there *was* an outlet to the cul-de-sac of doom!  The ice cream truck had escaped!

This was not a day to learn one of life's little lessons.  Mama loaded the kids into the van and took them to the pizza place up the street, where they got to pick out goodies from the cooler.  Yay for Mama!  She saved the day!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5/18 - Tiny Red Dinosaur prowls the Austin suburbs

We are trying to help Grandmother find a new house.  Rawr!!!
We had veggie burgers for lunch with David. Who knows what number our order was?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

5/17 - Muck and Roley get to work

They are doing a lot of work with the "muddy" at my desk.  Dumping it out, smoothing it down.  They are quite industrious.  (At least somebody in my cube is!)
Doesn't The Mink look pretty with construction vehicle barrettes?  She is always so fashion forward...

Monday, May 16, 2011

5/16 - Doggie does the math

Doggie is sad that Mae has a cold.*  He sends orange juice to make her feel better.  And he says "Woof woof!" to Jackie.  (Doggie does not like the sniffling that comes from colds.  It is a waste of a perfectly good nose.)
He sure liked jumping on all the numbers on my calculator.  Which ones do you know?
* I do not want that cold!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5/15 - Play Doh hats for manly men

They're a little late for the Easter bonnet contest, but still.  Aren't they lovely?
I'm looking forward to the day that all of our Play Doh doesn't end up being this "color."
Tip!  If your Play Doh gets dried out, add a little bit of water to it.  Presto!  Good as new.

Friday, May 13, 2011

5/13 - Doggie finds a stowaway!

I guess I forgot to take Pirate Duckie out of my bag last night!  Now I have two toys at work today.  What a lucky Mommy!
Doggie and I liked the diamonds on this fence we saw at lunchtime.
We also really, really liked that it was Friday.  Yay!

5/12 - Pirate Duckie gets steamed

We saw workers using a mini steamroller this morning.  How cute!!
Later, Pirate Duckie found treasure! We saw pretty flowers and some great numbers while we were at lunch.  We also ran into THE MINK! (not pictured), who we knew was in town but did not expect to see her casually having a sandwich at our cafe.

(Blogger!  What was all of that outage nonsense??!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

5/11 - Jingle Bear bundles up for summer

I was just wishing for summer yesterday...  I guess I forgot we are in San Francisco and summer = cold.*  Jingle Bear and I both wore our scarves today.  Brrrr!
He found today's meeting a bit heavy...  Don't let the smiley face fool you -- those conference calls will lay you flat.
* See also: I manifested an avocado salad.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

5/10 - Lego Police Officer goes postal

No worries -- Lego Police Officer is just trying to help, getting my interoffice mail ready to go.
We (meaning me) love this book:  "How to Draw a Radish." And LPO loves keys of all kinds.  Look how big his keyring is!  Lock 'em, up, Danno!  He says, "Um. My name's not Danno."

Monday, May 9, 2011

5/09 - Pluto is ready to party

He says "Woofy Woof Woof!" which, of course, means Happy Birthday in dog.
Pluto picked out this wrapping paper for Mama's presents.  Nice, right?  Will you guys help me wrap them when I get home?
Lion said "ROAR!"  And then Mommy ate him up.  NOM.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/06 - King Julien's royal adventures

King Julien and I had a rough commute in, but we made it just in time for our first meeting.  Phew!  To celebrate, we had coffee and a pirate brownie for breakfast.  It was sweetie-sweet!
The King has a message for Mort: "Potato!"  (Yes, there's a baked potato under all those veggies.)
Then, we went on a very special adventure...  To see author Mary Roach speak at the Chabot Space & Science Center.  She was awesome.  And, I figured out the answer for what to do at a book signing when your copy of the book is on your kindle...  have the author sign the kindle!  (I call it a "kindle tattoo.")
We also had fun exploring all the rest of the CSSC.  King Julien insisted he would make a fine astronaut.  Perhaps.

Too bad we didn't get to try these mislabeled goodies: