Monday, September 5, 2011

9/02 - Orange Jack appreciates art and a good egg salad sandwich

Lil' Guy tells me that today, OJ is a doggie.  He met a nice (albeit kinda creepy) M&M at Walgreens. I think the M&M was grouchy because someone put a sign on his mouth.  Maybe he was too chatty with the shoppers?
OJ and I saw this bus station poster (“Fog”) and liked it.  We also like how you can see the city street (and not me) in its reflection.
I had to indulge my Sentinel craving at lunchtime, and got the wonderful egg salad sandwich (with garlicky pickle).  NOM!
After work, I was off to a 2-day roller derby boot camp with Bonnie D. Stoir.  The kids gave me 2 froggies to take with me.  Here, we have our supplies... Now -- just need some sleep...

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