Tuesday, September 27, 2011

9/27 - Toodles the Ball is an optimist

Toodles the Ball had a rainbow zebra ride.  Whee!
Yes, Virginia.  There are rainbow zebras.
They live the next block over from the unicorns.  Now go to sleep.

An optimist is someone that tries to find something good about everything and everyone. We saw a gloomy lion and Toodles the Ball thought maybe he just needed a friend.  Do you know what?  He was right.
How was picture day?  Did you guys have nice smiles for the photographer?

Picture Day Update:
It was a pleasant surprise when Lil' Gal let me get a cute shirt for her at the store.  Even more pleasant when she put it on this morning without complaint *and* let me put bows in her hair.  We were sure this was all going to be a lovely backdrop for a photo of her pouting or refusing to smile.  Typical Lil' Gal?  She loved picture day.  Go figure.

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