Friday, April 26, 2013

4/26 - Sharkie says, "Life is a beach."

We feel totally sharked by this Friday, where we have been either in meetings or working on a report all day and haven’t even made it outside once. We may be slightly cranky and gnashing our shark teeth a bit…

Thursday, April 25, 2013

4/25 - Bat Ring listens to a love song

Bat Ring and I met this nice large bird today, who sang us a love song after we said hello. What a friendly fellow!

4/24 - Bat Ring says, "Who are you calling a cream puff?"

This morning, we found helpful instructions on how to operate a cherry picker.  No keys, though.
We took Jeanine for lunch to thank her for being a rockstar admin, and the place had these yummy birds on display.

4/23 - Bat Ring and I spy some silly things at lunch

The first is a dangerous potty.  It must be dangerous, otherwise why would it need a guard?
The second was a new restaurant called Skewers, where they grill shisk-a-bobs.  But apparently not very well…  Looks like they had a kitchen fire before anybody even heard about them.
And finally, we saw signs saying that the Transamerica Building was now open!  New tourist site!  Bat Ring and I were excited at the thought of going to the tippity top and looking around the city, but what was open was actually a gift shop.  It did show videos about the Transamerica Building and the views from way up high, but we didn’t have time to watch them today.  Here, Bat Ring pretends he flew to the top.

4/22 - Bat Ring says, "Happy Earth Day!"

We took a minute to walk outside (and buy PowerBall tickets) and smell the flowers before heading back to work.
Look!  Crabbies miss you!

4/19 - Punchbuggy Rainbow

I forgot to bring Stunt Team #03 with me today!  I am without a toy!!  :(  #Mommyfail

I did see this zippy little car driving around…  The rest of my day was all meetings.  Boo!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

4/18 - Stunt Team #03 says "It's not an adventure until somebody bleeds."

Today, Jeanine and I spent our lunch hour giving blood to the blood bank.  It was a good adventure for a good cause.  And!  Free cookies!

4/17 - Stunt Team #03 says, "There's no place like home."

You may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?
Or you might just go back to work with your small toy car.

4/16 - Stunt Team #03 locks up the win

We walked right by a line of nine locks.
How many locks are there in this picture?  How many are hiding?

4/15 - Stunt Team #03 sees quadruple

Yuliya lent Stunt Team #03 a mirror so he could check for spots that needed polishing, and he saw 4 of himself!  One for each wheel.  Vroom vroom vroom vroom!

Monday, April 15, 2013

4/12 - Pirate Crew takes over

First, Dr. Eggman and Cap'n Hook attacked the snowflake Yuliya made for me…
Then, they tried to take over a bank! (OK, it was a store in an old bank.  That is the inside of the door of a big old safe!)

4/11 - Witchy Poo and the purple people

For some reason, a lot of people wore purple to work today.  They were nice and let Witchy Poo be in the picture too!
Witchy Poo tried to be a beautiful lady at the café, but she forgot to take off her hat.

4/10 - Witchy Poo goes for a spin

She liked this all white bike and thought she’d take it for a 7 mile ride across the city.

Then she tried to dance with the beautiful ballerina, but didn’t want to get too near, for fear she’d be kicked in the ear.

* spelling words in bold font

4/09 - Witchy Poo gets fruity

All that talk of mine about oranges yesterday made Witchy Poo hungry…  She told me she likes healthy food, so we found some that was near the office:  a pepper and an orange.

Monday, April 8, 2013

4/08 - Witchy Poo says, "Orange you glad to be my friend?"

Witchy Poo and this happy robot are both in the orange club!

3/29 - Headless Yoshi is ready for a break

Spring Break, that is!  So am I.  (Both somewhat headless and ready for a break, that is.)  Look at my nice clean desk.  Now, let's get outta here before more work piles up on it!
 Lil' Guy got a new Pokemon friend.  Many thanks to ‏@MichaelJSealy for helping identify it as Axew.  #phew!

3/28 - Miss Kitty and a big bowl of pickles

No joking here, just pickles.  They came with the lunches for the steering committee meeting, but were making the conference room too smelly.