Monday, March 24, 2014

3/14 - Diary of a Worm writes of cookies

They were having a bake sale at work to raise money to fight children's cancer, so Diary of a Worm and I had to go eat -- er, help out!

3/13 - Darth Maul commandeers my new desk

We went to check out my new desk, and Darth Maul tried to fly it like a spaceship!  (It would not start.)

3/12 - Darth Maul is a social climber

He saw Sheldor climbing around the crabitat, and thought he'd say hello.  Sheldor thought Darth Maul's shell was the best decorated shell ever.
Then, Darth Maul was feeling pretty as he admired the fragrant blooms of the nectarine tree.  Spring will do that to you.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3/11 - Darth Maul - now extra minty!

I suggested Darth Maul might enjoy a mint, so he dove right into a bag of them in the kitchen at work.  Ahhhh.  Refreshing!

3/10 - Darth Maul is not an attack strawberry

A coworker heard me sniffling and handed me this packet of fizzy vitamin C to take.  I put Darth Maul next to it for the picture and told him he kinda looked like a strawberry.  He did NOT like that.

3/08 - Bee Mario buzzes up a level

Exciting news from Grammie!

Thought you would like to know that Super Mario has returned from his journey through our pipes. He is pretty grubby but in fine spirits. A little soap and water and he will be good as new. He is looking forward to being reunited with Lil' Guy.

A plumber was able to retrieve him when he unclogged the drains.  Lil' Guy's  reaction?  (First, a BIG grin!)  Then:  "But Mario *is* a plumber!"

3/07 - Donkey Kong is on the edge

The competitive edge!  Don't make him jump.  He will beat you to it.  Or go bananas trying.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

3/06 - RIP, FitBit

I guess this FitBit couldn't keep up with me and my busy working mom lifestyle.  It plum wore out.

Donkey Kong decided to wear it as a bandolier instead.  It kinda works!  (Now that I know the name for that thing, I want one to hold my cell phones and wireless mouse when I go to meetings.)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3/05 - Life gives Donkey Kong some lemons

DK wants to make lemonade with them, but I think hot tea for my cold sounds much better.
(Sick is ick.)

3/04 - Donkey Kong builds an empire

OK, it was actually a lot of workers, who were very busy today.
Still, it’s starting to look like an office over there…  NOT a jungle gym, Donkey Kong!

3/03 - Donkey Kong climbs the corporate ladder

Donkey Kong and I went to check out what happened to the area where I used to sit.  All the desks are gone!  DK climbed the ladder, pretending he was King of the Jungle.  (I tried not to make jokes about his monkey suit.)
We both laughed when someone came to look at a problem with my laptop and told me I’d have to wait for the “wire monkeys” to come by.  We thought DK might make new friends, but it turned out they were talking about the network guys.  At least they fixed my problem!

2/28 - Oshawott and Pidove meet a mouse and twin baby pandas

All from the excitement of our home...  First, baby panda twins arrived in the mail from Grandmother (thank you!).
 Then, they tried to make friends with the mouse by my laptop, but he was working and could not play.

2/27 - Keeping Pidove off the statue

We went for a work lunch at an upscale Chinese place, and the first thing Pidove wanted to do was sit on this giant statue.  (No!)
We did like the looks of our fortune.  And given the rain we've had lately, it should happen soon!
The renovation project finally reached my team.  We will be sitting in temporary spots until the rest of the floor is remodeled, and then we'll move to our final location.  No idea where my desk will be on Monday!

2/26 - Pidove likes a deep dish

Pidove and I met my old pal Xak for dinner.  I was very careful to get the mermaid picture in the background, but didn't realize until later that the mermaid's tail was giving him (Xak, not Pidove) bunny ears.

Whoopsie!  Sorry!!  At least the pizza was fantastic and the company even better still.  :)