Friday, July 29, 2011

7/28 - Z gets domestic goddess lessons

Aunt Patty stopped by with ridiculous amounts of food (thank you!) and some presents for the twins. 
Z got some housekeeping lessons from Grandmother's resident Domestic Goddess while we continued unpacking.  My goal was to get the kitchen done today, Texas heat be gol-darned.  (Tip: Avoid crawling into kitchen cabinets to clean and line them, if at all possible.)
Here is a shot of some of our unpacked boxes.  Normally, I would have tallied the sheets of paper we unwrapped from Grandmother's treasures and smoothed and refolded for giveaway, but let's just agree to call it "a lot."  OK?
I am calling victory on the kitchen.  We have 90% of it put away and have multiple clear surface areas.  This is better than my house any day...

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