Thursday, July 21, 2011

7/21 - Princess P. and a pile of pirates

We packed a pack of pirates, and I'll bring them home tonight.  (Yes, you can play with Pirate Island.  That was a present from Wanda.  Say "Thank you, Wanda!")
We went to lunch with Shawn (not pictured) and had a bunch of delicious Mexican food.  Princess P. says, "Holy Guacamole!"  El NOM!
In other news, today was my last day of employment at the company where I worked for the past 13 years.  That's a baker's dozen of meetings, folks.  I have next week off, and will spend part of it helping Grandmother unpack at her new house.  And then, my minions will see all kinds of new stuff at my new job.  El wow.

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