Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7/11 - Santa Bear is well-dressed for July

I think I should've worn a hat today -- it's freezing out there!  I also should've brought my cold medicine in. Whoopsie.  At least there's a drugstore on the way into work.
Santa Bear counts the candles...  Actually, he didn't get to count the candles, because my team surprised me!  I thought it was a regular meeting!  (I think all meetings should have cake, don't you?)
David took me to see POTC --in 3D-- but first we stopped for some yummy pizza.  Yes, those are padron peppers, carmelized onions, and sweet corn. NOM!
AND!  Lil' Guy lost his second bottom front tooth this morning!!


  1. From Ashley: The cake looks like a Simpson's style doughnut in the picture...

  2. From David: There’s one too many candles… you don’t look a day over 16! :)