Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/30 - Squeaky Toy is underdressed

These doggies are all dressed up for a New Year’s party!  Squeaky Toy squeaked, “Yikes!  I’m not wearing any clothes!”  I told him that toy bones don’t usually wear any clothes – they’d get all soggy when the dog chews on them.  He squeaked a sigh of relief.
When Squeaky Toy looked out the window, he said, “Tut tut.  It looks like rain.”  (He was right!)
We saw these little fellas on the way to meet Linda for dinner.  They looked hungry too.
Here's Linda.  She thought Squeaky Toy was a bow tie.  Silly Linda!


  1. Linda looks extremely cool with her funky Bone/Bowtie :o)

  2. Linda is an Awesome Friend. You would approve.