Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/17 - Dino Dog sniffs out cars and cats

Dino Dog found a cute little yellow car on the street.  For a minute there, he thought it was a tennis ball to play with!
He also found some cats to bark at.  “What do you mean, ‘elegant and much-loved?’  I love you enough to wear a dino suit!!  Harumph.”
There was a very lovely sunset on the BART ride home.
Then I froze (temperature-wise, not fear-wise!) at derby practice (but learned a lot of good stuff!), and came home to make cupcakes for the twins' birthday on Thursday to send to school.  I was doing a little happy dance, thinking for once it was easier having twins -- I bake one batch of cupcakes one time and voila!  Then I realized that once they're in different classes next year and beyond, it's all over.  It's one day of school birthday baking, but instead of making 30 cupcakes, I'll be making 60.  You may call me Cupcakery.

Stay turned for what I hope is a wonderful 6th birthday party!  My derby sister lent me all her fondant tools and I tried not to be intimidated when she laughed at my question:  "Fondant's just like Play Doh, right?"

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