Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1/18 - Mario says "Hide!" to Bob-omb

We saw the big black SF Bomb Squad truck on the way into work. Good thing I didn’t bring “Bomb the Bomb” with me today!
Mario said, "It's Mario Time! Let's race!" But once again, the motorbike owner has not left us the keys…
So Mario challenged me to a running race instead.  He won, and said, “Oh yeah!  Uh huh!”
Mario and I took a quick walk to Chinatown, where everyone’s getting ready for Chinese New Year.
On the way back, the police were clearing the streets – somebody important was coming through!  The Vice President of our country was having a big lunch meeting at a building near my work. There was a small parade of police officers on motorcycles, cars filled with people in Very Important Uniforms, vans filled with soldiers, and other cars filled with diplomat/suit types.  Somewhere in all of that was our Vice President – we think we saw him!  (Mario waved.)
What an exciting walk!

Birthday Update:  I cannot believe that tomorrow morning, my wee little twins will be six (6) years old.  My goodness.  (I also cannot believe that another classmate is insisting on bringing in cupcakes tomorrow, when we called it a week ago!)

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