Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/19 - Birthdays and Koopa Troopa and Cupcake Wars

We found a giant paint can and paint brush on the sidewalk.  Koopa Troopa said, “I’m afraid of giants!  Yikes!”  (I told him it was only a decoration.)  Koopa Troopa said, "Don't paint me green!"
Oh, by the way…


How did your friends like the cupcakes?
Cupcake Update:  My plan to have the cupcakes dropped off in the morning for extra ogling (and their own sweet loveliness) paid off.  All but about 3 kids chose MY cupcakes over the interloper's cupcakes -- including the birthday interloper herself!  Booya!

Birthday Update:  My wee twins are SIX YEARS OLD today.  It seems like yesterday when I'd pick them up by the straps of their overalls and walk around with them, like dual tote bags.  Sniff!


  1. ACK Six year olds! Still pretty portable though :D Happy Birthday twins. My 6 year old (and his bright red hair) says being 6 is THOOPER COOL and there is candy involved. (I am going to have to investigate this further...)

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lil' Gal and Lil' Guy!!!!
    I remember 6.. Still young enough to ride on your shoulders and Old enough to be major fun.. Plus a great excuse to see all of the cool Pixar flicks Hehe...
    Have an awesome day/weekend.
    PS Cupcakes looks Delish...MMmmmmm Cupcakes...


  3. Thank you both for the birthday wishes for the twins, and the encouragement for me! Candy, eh?