Friday, January 13, 2012

1/13 - Eddie and Freddie are on the go

We moved desks at work again this morning.  Freddie offered to hop my pens from one desk to the other, but I was worried he’d get stepped on.

On our way to lunch with Ashley, we saw a cute red car.
Here is Ashley, in front of some crazy statue.
The twins were playing with Play Doh when I got home.  They made me a cake to cheer me up.  How sweet is that?!
Tooth Update:  Last night, Lil' Gal lost her other top front tooth!!  She wanted Mama to see it today, so we hid it from the Tooth Fairy.   Lil' Gal named the tooth "Sam."  Tonight, we're all systems go for the Tooth Fairy!

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