Monday, January 23, 2012

1/20 - Yellow Yoshi yearns for hula hoops

Yes, I said hula hoops.  We saw a stack (?) of them on BART today.  Yoshi wanted to try one out, but the aisles were too small.
Poor little Yoshi looked sad standing on my desk.  (I think he misses Lil' Gal.)  So we went for a walk to get some more cold medicine to cheer him up.  All we found was a bunch of rain.  Bleah.
 Note for grown-ups:  We also found a slew of protesters and a MUNI bus with destination “SPECIAL,” filled with SFPD in riot gear heading to the Occupy protests.  Funsies.

Birthday Update:  The twins' super 6th Mario birthday party is tomorrow.  I have a zillion things to do and am tempted to put on my skates to see if I can get them done faster.  Wish me luck!

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