Tuesday, April 3, 2012

4/01 - weekend fun, April Fool's edition

We were graced by the visit of my BFF/old roommate Anne and her oldest daughter Rowan on Saturday.  Despite the rain, we had a good time making a mural, baking chocolate chip cookies, and finding a patch of sunshine to take a walk to the playground.  It was soooo good to see them!!

This year was the first year the twins really got into April Fool's Day.  We decided to surprise Mama by pretending the kids' homework wasn't done, wearing our shirts backwards, and switching the kitchen stools and the dining room chairs, among other pranks. (Look out! There's a spider on your shoulder!)  If there was ever a holiday made for Lil' Guy, this was it.

Then it was time for my derby team's photo shoot.  I've been a pirate for some time, a skater for a little while, but to combine the two took a little thought.  If nothing else, I had a great time.
When I got home, everyone was pretending to be someone else for a prank.  Lil' Guy asked me to be a dog with him (Lil' Gal's shtick).  Mama wanted me to play Mario Brothers with her (Lil' Guy's favorite thing). And Lil' Gal freaked out from stage fright and hid in the TV room.  (Which was not unlike Mama and her Facebook game hobby.)

What was your best April Fool's prank?