Friday, April 27, 2012

4/25 - Field Trip!

I am sorry to say that today's post does not include any toys in quasi-adult situations.  What we have here is one adult (me) in a child situation -- with animals!  They count, right?  I volunteered to be a chaperone for the kindergarten field trip to the local nature center.  Here are Lil' Gal and Lil' Guy and their posse.
Here is Ashley, the blind possum.  (Did you know that a possum's "pocket" is vertical, not horizontal?)
We got to pet a nice gopher snake.
And meet the tiniest grown-up screech owl.
And then Lil' Guy lost a tooth to a taffy lollipop.  (Lil' Gal's wiggly tooth is still attached -- she is NOT happy.)


  1. Awesome smile Lil' Guy.. We're gonna have to tell Jaden Smith to move over, 'Cause there's a New Guy in town :o)

  2. I see lots of broken hearts, come the teenage years. (help)