Friday, March 30, 2012

3/30 - Mystery Mommy and the Mega Millions

The twins called me “Mystery Mommy” today because they thought my coat looked like a detective’s.  I promised them that secret camera Trophy and I would spy on my workmates.  So far, nobody suspects anything!

Trophy and I heard there was a big jackpot to be won in tonight’s lottery.  So I put Trophy on my head like a hat and we tried to think like winners.
I like this picture of Trophy next to the lottery tickets… it’s a little affirmation.  Let’s all take a second and visualize my win, please.  If I hit the jackpot, drinks are on me!
I asked Olga the security guard what was happening with our building’s fountain.  It’s going through annual maintenance, being cleaned and getting some new parts.  Trophy was feeling kinda empty (as we wait for the pile of lottery money to roll in), so we visited another building’s fountain.
Unrelated, but super cool – look at this jumping robot!  It can jump REALLY high!

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