Monday, April 16, 2012

4/16 - Yellow Yoshi frolics in the flowers (and our new "pet")

These pretty flowers are at our train station.  It's starting to feel like spring around here.
Yellow Yoshi couldn’t decide if he wanted to take the yellow trolley or the yellow taxi.  While he tried to make a decision, the light turned green and they both drove off. Poor Yellow Yoshi.
Here is a photo of our new "pet," King Emmett.  We found him while weeding this weekend.  He is a red pupa that will either hatch a fluffy moth or some kind of stinging wasp.  Let's all vote for the former, shall we?  This pupa is actually King Emmett II.  King Emmett the first was tragically squished with a Spanish-English dictionary.  Pobrecito.

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