Sunday, April 29, 2012

4/29 - Weekend fun: Pickle edition

This weekend, we enjoyed the warm, sunny weather.  The kids came with me to derby practice, where guest coach Shadow Soldier whipped us into shape, and gave us scrimmaging pointers.

On Saturday, we went to the farmer's market and I went a little veggie crazy.  Turns out the kids are nuts for snow peas!  Between lunch and dinner, they ate them all!  I learned that orange cauliflower is orange all the way through -- stems and all.
Today, despite the racket from the neighbor's roofing project, we soaked up the sun in the backyard.  My favorite moments were reading with the kids on a blanket under the plum tree and chasing them on their bikes in my roller skates.  (Note to self:  Lil' Guy can run faster than I can skate.)

In keeping with our game where we pretended to be a bird family, I made the twins a "worm lunch," with worms of many colors and some grubs (brown rice).  They loved it!
Also, we made @RecipeGirl's bread and butter pickles with cucumbers from the farmer's market.  They are soooo good!


  1. I'm afraid to go back and sample more for fear there won't be any left for the kids' lunches.

    (OK, I confess I just went and had some. SO GOOD!!!)