Tuesday, June 21, 2011

6/21 - Darby sings a song of technical difficulties

Darby says "How do you do?" to Linda.  Poor Linda has had the sniffles for a very long time. The doctor gave her some medicine and we hope she'll be feeling better soon.
My phone is not sending or receiving emails or doing any of the "smart" things it's supposed to do.  It refuses to connect to the network. Or maybe the network is not available...  AT&T doesn't seem to publish any kind of system status.  So Darby and I are twirling in circles, singing a little sad song because we can't get our picture to you.  La la la la boo hoo hoo.

Ashley:  Do you have WiFi enabled? If so, the [work] network is probably blocking your connection.

Me:  No. I ritually turn it off every morning when I get here and turn it back on every evening when I get home.  It's all very Mr. Rogers.  Except today, someone has stolen my sneakers.

Ashley:  Gasp! Sorry to hear about the sneakernet issues.

Me:  Ha -- It really WILL be sneakernet.  I will have to show the kids Darby's photo on my actual phone when I get home.  (Which I did!)
Here is Darby, perched on my Gatorade, as we wonder how hot it will be at roller derby practice.

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