Monday, June 13, 2011

6/12 - Kids in the Kitchen

This weekend, I made-up a pasta dish for our family dinner with egg noodles, fresh spinach, corn, and feta.  Lil' Gal chopped the spinach for me, and Lil' Guy was "Spice Guy."  He was so enthusiastic about learning the spices that he had a small sneezing fit!
They were so cute in their aprons, and we loved making a meal together.
On Sundays, I hang out with the kids while Mama has a sleep-in.  Usually, we'll make pancakes, but this week we made something else...


  1. Mmmm waffles! I've been trying to convince Ted to make waffles (the kitchen and I...somewhat mortal enemies) but he refuses...could be the pesky lack of a waffle iron...

  2. Homemade waffles are super easy! Cleaning the waffle iron is a different story, but it's still worth it. Next time, I have to remember to make a double batch and store the extras in the freezer.