Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/07 - Princess P. and the Fancypants Club

It's Employee Appreciation Week here at work, which apparently means giving us various foods each day.  As they say, the quickest way to a worker's heart is through the stomach.  Princess P. and I breakfasted on a raisin bagel with cream cheese for our 9am meeting.
And then I spent about 3 hours trying to get the photo to send from my darn phone....!  Technology was NOT my friend today. (I also did actual work during this time, lest work folks think the food did not motivate me.)

Jim's in town and looks dashing as always.  Aren't he and Princess P. so very fashion-forward?
Reader Poll:  Would you call his shirt coral, pink, or salmon?  Please vote in the comments.


  1. From Linda: "Breakfasted"! I LOVE it! How very Jane Eyre of you!!

    I did it for you, dear Reader.