Monday, June 6, 2011

6/06 - Fredlet's funny friend

Fredlet* thought this morning's meeting to review test scripts was boring, so he made friends with the spider finger puppet at my desk.  They wanted me to make a spider web for them in my notebook, but I told them that was their job!
Fredlet thinks my umbrella looks like a spider web.  (Yes, it's raining. Again. Still.)

* Lil' Guy named the little blue spider "Fredlet" after Lil' Gal announced he (Fredlet, not Lil' Guy) is the tiny cousin of the new spider "Fred" we found on our living room ceiling yesterday.


  1. From Ashley: "Fredlet"... precious!

    From David: *Tiny* cousin? How big is Fred!?

  2. Hi there. Thanks for the Twitter follow. I pushed follow back. It's limiting me right now, so if by chance it didn't go through, I'll delete someone else for ya. Us twin moms must stick together:)

    Anyway, I also added you to my list 'Twin mamas'. Mine are newly 15 months old. It's the most chaotic but amazing experience. I wish they'd stay little, but then again there are advantages to them getting older for sure. I just know they are my last *cry*. I'm in NO rush.

    ANYHOW...I don't see a Google Friend Connect, or Networked Blogs plug in here to follow you with. Do you have one that I am missing or not yet? Let me know.

    Also, if you have a FB page, also let me know. I'd be happy to chat with you there as well.

    Thank goodness that spider is NOT a real one, lol. It's one of the few bugs that scare the living daylights out of me!

    Can't wait to get to know you.


  3. Cute! My daughter made spider webs using yarn and connecting it to furniture. She had a blast doing it (although it was hard getting around the livingroom LOL). Stopping by from Fun Tuesday Hop!


  4. Hi Shelly-- Thanks for the comments. I am always happy to find other twin moms out there. You have some really cute years coming up, as well as some big milestones. Hang in there, and remember to write down the good stories!

    I don't have a Facebook page yet, but I just added some "follow" and "subscribe" widgets to the page. Please try 'em out and let me know what you think!

    (I won't tell you about my spider tattoo!)

  5. Hi Jessy--

    Thanks for stopping by! I love the yarn spider web idea!