Thursday, May 26, 2011

5/26 - Sick Mommy is sick

Today is a very boring day, photo-wise.  I'm sorry.  For our 1-week anniversary, this cold has presented me with a budding sinus infection.  Awww.  So romantic.

Lil' Guy gave me the other Snoopy to keep me company while the twins went to pre-school.  I ended up doing some work stuff and we never did anything photo-worthy.  He did help me remember that I needed to order more Flu Buster.  (That and Lung Tonic helped me come back from multiple rounds of bronchitis last year, BTW).
Then I took a nap for four years and it was suddenly bedtime.

Twitter suggests I follow the CDC.  A slight hint, perhaps?

Here are some cute twin quotes from today:

The twins were on their way to pre-school with Mama, looking for the Number of the Day as they drove.  Lil' Guy said, "I can't see any sixes, because of how a certain lady is driving."  (Mama said, "Hey!")

Lil' Gal's favorite joke these days:
  Knock, knock.
  (Who's there?)
  (Love who?)
  I love you.

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