Saturday, May 7, 2011

5/06 - King Julien's royal adventures

King Julien and I had a rough commute in, but we made it just in time for our first meeting.  Phew!  To celebrate, we had coffee and a pirate brownie for breakfast.  It was sweetie-sweet!
The King has a message for Mort: "Potato!"  (Yes, there's a baked potato under all those veggies.)
Then, we went on a very special adventure...  To see author Mary Roach speak at the Chabot Space & Science Center.  She was awesome.  And, I figured out the answer for what to do at a book signing when your copy of the book is on your kindle...  have the author sign the kindle!  (I call it a "kindle tattoo.")
We also had fun exploring all the rest of the CSSC.  King Julien insisted he would make a fine astronaut.  Perhaps.

Too bad we didn't get to try these mislabeled goodies:

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