Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/25 - Snoopy gets kidnapped by a Robot Whirlybird

Snoopy and his Snoopy posse had some big adventures today.  First, Snoopy and a monkey friend were kidnapped by a Robot Whirlybird (formerly known as Condor, actually an Easter duck from Rosemary).
After that ordeal, Snoopy and his gang had a lovely tea party.  (The monkey was not invited, nor was the Whirlybird.)
Lovely, that is, until Blue Bear started sneezing loudly and NOT covering his sneezes.  Well.  Then all the Snoopies started sneezing all over each other and the next thing you knew, everybody was sick.  Bippy (Lil' Guy's blanket pal) was kind enough to tuck everyone in for a nap.  And they were all better by dinner time.
The end.

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