Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24 - Nurse Uniqua and Silly Dogs for dinner

Lil' Guy gave me Uniqua to keep me company when they went off to pre-school today.  She pretended she was Nurse Uniqua, and gave me all the tissues I needed.  I told Lil' Guy she sang me a lullaby for my nap.  He looked at me sternly, "Did you sing for her?  Are you telling me the truth?"  (sigh)  I told him he was right.  She only sang in my imagination.  But, oh, what a song it was.
During the day, I saw a link from @FeedOurFamiles to a recipe for Silly Dogs.  It was stunning and super simple.  The kids were intrigued, and Mama surprised us all by making them.  Lil' Gal refused to try them, but Lil' Guy loved them.  And since he's such a skinny lil' guy, we're always happy to find something that he'll gobble up.

*  Yes, 2 kinds of pasta.  But Lil' Gal was having the bow ties and therefore, Lil' Guy had to have them too.  It's a twin thing.

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