Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/23 - Mr. Waternoose calls for his Mommy

I worked from home on Friday, and Mr. Waternoose kept me company.  Here, he models Lil' Gal's placesetting for me.
After I signed off, it was time for the twins' first slumber party.  We had pizza and corn dogs picnic style in front of the fire, played Candyland, and had pie and cocoa.
Oh, no!  Chipmunks in jail!
Then we read stories and got tucked into our sleeping bags.  (Lil' Guy loves his, so no teasing, please.)  It took a while, but slumber did come.  And it stayed!  Those kids stayed on the living room floor all night and slept in for a record time the next morning!  Woooo!
In the morning, we had pumpkin pancakes and attempted potato sack races in our sleeping bags.  Um, Lil' Gal, you're doing it wrong...


  1. I love seeing your kids and their adventures. They are so fun! This gave me a good giggle for the morning.

    1. Yay!! Thank you for the note. It gave me a smile. :)