Monday, November 19, 2012

11/18 - Weekend fun: Roller derby edition

It was my team's last bout of the season.  We were hungry for another win, and were preparing for this bout with an intensity that was new for us.  I was also preparing a mountain of snacks and toys to keep the twins busy during the bout, in case they were not into watching me skate...  That morning, there was a most excellent good luck spider in the kitchen and a good luck rainbow in the sky when we hit the road.

The bout was in a vintage roller rink that was leaking from days of rain.
The other team was better than us and hit harder.  They had plays that foiled us multiple times.  We lost by a heap, but what we won was better than points.  We came together as a team in this bout, communicating, devising new strategies on the fly, and we were hitting b*tches like never before.  (And we participated in the other team's flash mob, dancing Gangnam Style at the top of the third jam in the second half.)  As far as I'm concerned, we were winners that day.

And I was a hero to my biggest fans.  :)
A million thanks to Kingpin for his kid wrangling assistance.  (And for being outraged at the officiating!)

Photo credit: Thank you, Russell Reno Limprecht!

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