Saturday, November 24, 2012

11/22 - Thankful Thanksgiving

This was the year I cooked my first turkey.  For a vegetarian, this is a big act of love, so I was quite relieved and extremely proud that it turned out well.  I was also relieved that my guests were willing to carve it up and take the gruesome bits home for soup making.  :)  The twins were great helpers.  Lil' Gal made place setting tags for each guest, and she and Lil' Guy set the table.
Lil' Gal chopped the veggies for the appetizer and all of the broccoli for dinner.  Both she and Lil' Guy helped me make the stuffing.
They were very interested in the turkey and gobbled a lot of it up!
We had a wonderful feast and lots of laughter with our friends.
The twins even helped do the dishes afterwards.
Good night!


  1. Awesomely Beautiful smiles... Happy ThanksGiving :-)

  2. You did good! I love your house, it's so cute and homey.