Friday, November 2, 2012

11/01 - Red Dragon tells Shy Guy to do his best

Red Dragon says, “Be extraordinary in everything you do.”  This means to do a good job whenever you can.
Shy Guy finds fabulous fall flowers.  Look at the pretty pots of flowers Shy Guy and I found.  They smelled pretty, too!
I am using last year's tall ship calendar with an overlay of this year's dates.  When I flipped the tall ship calendar to November, I saw that the HMS Bounty was featured and it broke my heart.  I met her in 2008 at the San Francisco Festival of Sail, and she was quite the lady.  #justsaying
From the HMS Bounty Facebook page:
A Relief fund has been set up by both HMS Bounty Organization and a couple of our former beloved crew members. We are working with the former crew members as well as initiating another way of donating to help raise as much money as possible for our 14 surviving crew as well as the families of Claudene Christian AND Captain Robin Walbridge. Please find it in your hearts to help out. You can donate via paypal at or by going to our website and clicking on the online store where you will see a button to donate via paypal. We thank everyone for the support and prayers!

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