Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/15 - Weekend fun: Picnic and bug edition

This weekend, my wonderful friends Wanda and Ashley packed a picnic and took me and the twins to the park for an extended birthday celebration.  We missed Linda, who is out with an awful ear infection.  :(
Wanda had clearly used the Undetectable Extension Charm, because her bag had any supply that anybody needed at any time.  Wanda is no one to be trifled with.  (I realize I've mixed my movies, here, but I'm OK with that.  If still you're with me, you get 30 points.)
 Trapping the new blowfish eraser in a web of bubbles.  I now dub thee Spitbug.
Note how Lil' Gal's hand is in Ashley's bag.  She is about to pickpocket that iPhone, take her own photo, then call her dog friends at the four corners of the earth. 
And! We met a Very Interesting Bug. at our house He was very nice and beetle-like, except he had pretty lacy wings and some feisty praying mantis front legs. Turns out he's a Mantidfly.

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