Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/11 - Funbo finds a sign of the times

This is usually a “Next Bus” computer sign that tells people when the next bus will arrive. I guess it is broken...
At lunch, Funbo went motorcycle counting. How many do you see? Which one is your favorite? Do you recognize any of the parking space numbers on the ground?
I had to sit out today's derby practice (and last night's scrimmage) due to an injury from Monday's practice. Still, I felt bad for the grrrls that had to skate in the 103-degree heat, so I brought orange slices. Here's Mandaryn Crush enjoying her mandarin.


  1. Thanks for helping me fight off the scurvy!

  2. From Mama: The twins, for some reason, for the first time, have nothing to say... guess that pic left them speechless!