Monday, March 5, 2012

3/04 - Weekend fun: stripped down with animals

This weekend's fun activities involved skate geekery and a field trip with the kiddos.  While others were out partying on Saturday night, the stripping down at my house consisted of me taking my skates apart, cleaning them, and falling asleep.  (I put them back together on Sunday.)

I also learned how to put a bearing back together after all the little beads go flying out.  Skillz, folks.  I have 'em.  (A big shout out to the internet for saving me.)
Sunday, the kids and I went to Kennedy Park in Harward.  We went there last year when it hosted the Zucchini (less) Festival, and wanted to go back and visit the goats at the petting zoo.  So we did.  We also enjoyed the train ride, merry go round, and about 40 different kinds of monkey bars on the play structure.

How was your weekend?

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