Monday, October 31, 2011

10/31 - Boo asks "Are you a banana? Or just happy to see me?"

A fitness club was giving away Halloween bananas today. It’s not often you see someone in a banana costume!

Boo tried to surprise Pumpkin Spider by jumping up and yelling “BOO!” but his little ghostie elbow got stuck in her web.  (We got him out.)
I saw a few grown-ups dressed up in costumes when I went out to get some lunch, but nobody at work is dressed up.  OK, Jeanine has on some monkey ears.  I’ll try to get a picture of her…  Rats -- she's already taken them off.

Here are the twins at the start of trick or treating.  Lil' Gal is a Dalmatian, and so happy to be allowed to be a dog IRL.  She is wearing a red collar we made together.  Lil' Guy is a Madagascar Penguin (Rico, if you know them).
All was going really well, minus a few trips over little penguin webbies, until we reached That House.  You know -- the one that's all into making it really spooky.  There were about 4 costumed kids, hiding in spots along the passageway to the front door, that leapt or reached out as we passed by.  We'd done so much work with the kids, especially Lil' Gal, to make Halloween less scary for them.  And these kids scared the bejeezus out of her in about a minute.  I have never heard her scream like that.  Poor kid.

The worst?  Not one family member at That House apologized to us.  The dad (?) on the sidewalk didn't warn us that his house was not for littles.  He didn't once tell his kids to ease up.  When Lil' Guy bravely made it to the front door, hoping to get extra candy for his sister, the teenager handed him a bowl full of candy wrappers.  (Lil' Guy thinks he did get candy for Lil' Gal -- please don't tell him otherwise.)

Overall, I think Halloween went well.  Lil' Gal was consoled with some candy treats, and we got to have a good talk about Mean Kids and how rotten it is to be around them.  But she's also been up about every 20 minutes tonight...

Happy Halloween.


  1. Hugs to Lil' Gal.. What Awesome costumes both your guys have... Love Dalmatians, and Ricco is the very coolest Penguin around :o)

  2. When I was five or six, some guy in a scary costume came at me as I was going up to the front door at one house. I was so scared, I never made it to the door and I ran screaming. That was over 40 years ago, and I will never forget it. I'm all for having fun, but not fun at other people's expense. I hope that Lil Gal can get over this living nightmare!

  3. The good news is that the event didn't stick in Lil' Gal's mind as "monsters," but she's still very upset about "mean people" and why are they so mean?

    Hopefully she'll figure it all out and explain it to me -- I'm still working that out for myself!