Thursday, October 13, 2011

10/13 - Gio thinks Popo might be a lollipop. And fun with BART.

Popo tried to blend in at my desk.  He found this jar of pens and markers on my desk and tried to camouflage himself. Do you think it’s working?
We had lunch with Gio today.  Do you remember when he brought a motorcycle to our old house for you to sit on?
Popo liked watching the workers paint new street stripes. He wanted the workers to paint some on him, but I told him the paint was too hot.
I called out of derby practice today because I suspect I'm getting Lil Gal's cold.  (I had a moment where I considered trying to skate so fast it couldn't catch me, but I reconsidered.)  Clearly, the responsible thing to do was to go home and take it easy.  Here's where my partnership with BART shows its true colors.

I was able to get a seat without having to ride a few stops back -- clearly suspect.  As I settled in and started to nod off, I noted that the train was moving slowly, but I wasn't trying to get to work or derby practice on time.  All I had to do was make bedtime -- a full 2 hours away.  (Insert evil laugh here.)  So the train limped through the under-bay tunnel, and immediately went out of service in Oakland -- everybody off.  (Bonus points for an additional medical emergency and my phone crashing unexpectedly - not pictured.)

I was able to catch the 4th train out, heading in my direction but not to my destination.
Transferred after taking some pix of the sunset.

And made it home just in time for bedtime -- 2 hours later.  Thanks, BART.
Bay Area = yes.  Transit = yes.  Rapid = Compared to what?


  1. "We're watching a scary cool show, and I hope you see it tomorrow," says Lil' Guy.

    "Hi, Mommy, we got a prize and we're watching a scary movie," adds Lil' Gal.

    (not really a scary movie, just a Halloween Backyardigans episode)

  2. Rapid compared to...riding snailback?

  3. I have seen some pretty zippy snails trying to escape my compost bin...